Twillingate-Day 32-July 2, 2021

Today is a stresser…

Started out ok, slept ok and woke up ready to roll.

Curated the 12 photos I am hoping to include in the show, learned that another organization is interested in showing my work, did some reviews of old files, worked on my webinar, ordered my frames for the show..

Overall very productive…

I was getting AMAZING response from a photo I took of a local stage yesterday, it was perhaps one of my favorite photos I have taken to date of a stage, great flow, told a story…. the type of image I wait months to capture..

Here’s a little backstory. I saw this particular stage a week ago. I took photos of it from afar but didn’t try to get close. It looked to me to be on private property, I don’t like to cross private property unless I get permission. So on the previous visit, I didn’t. Yesterday though, I decided to see if it was a trail, or if it was fenced off, or look to be public access or not. There was a trail heading back there and when I saw the possible view that was awaiting me my excitement got the better of me and I proceeded down the trail to take photos of the stage.

That was a mistake and I should have known better.

The property owner saw the photos today as was very upset that I had gone through their lane to access the stage and made a public statement to that effect on Facebook. I immediately reached out to her via messenger and apologised, explained that I try to never do that, that I didn’t and wouldn’t post the location and offered to take down the photo from all social media platforms, which I did right away.

She was gracious about it, had a legitimate concern about safety on the site, she was afraid someone would hurt themselves down there. I assured her I wouldn’t have, I’ve been doing this long enough to know to stay off aged stages, but I did understand her concern and again apologised.

I feel horrible.

I’ve come to this location to not only grow as an artist, but to get to know the community and share my discoveries with the world through social media. My intent while here is to do nothing but elevate the town and its people, and in this case, I caused some stress and consternation to a local. That’s the complete OPPOSITE of what I want to do.

Lesson learned though, don’t assume that access is public, don’t go to any area without seeking information and/or permission. The ironic thing was in this case, when we were there the other day at Mr Gillards I asked him if he knew who owned the stage and he told me where the gent lived. I looked there when I went back and there was no-one around. I should have waited.

On top of that, my car is now parked until Tuesday., It’s not gotten any worse, but I don’t want to take any chances. Drove over for some groceries this evening and the scrapping, rattling sound was very evident. Not going to push my luck and possibly turn something minor into something catastrophic.

It’s a good car, I know it is… it just has 350k and this is the first long use its had in some time, if anything is going to rattle or scrape, now would be the time that it would. If I were at home it would be a none-issue. But being here, its a BIG issue as it severely limits me in what I can do and where I can go.

I did get down the road on foot a little earlier this evening and captured a couple of shots, both are a little experimental…

That’s about it for this evening folks..

I promise to be a little more chipper tomorrow lol…

Maybe I’ll win the loto and donate Bobby to a family in need and get me some newer wheels …

A guy can dream, but, for that dream a guy would also have to buy a ticket lol!

Till tomorrow, all the very best!

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