Twillingate-Day 31-July 1,2021

About 3 weeks left to go!

Have a ton to do over the remaining time. I need to continue my exploration of area and continue to capture as much as I can.

I am working on a Webinar that I am hosting before I leave. It will be a bit of a professional overview of my path to where I am, a talk on what I look for in a site prior to shooting, how I approach the shot, what speaks to me etc followed by a small step by step on Lightroom on how I edit a photo to help in the narrative I am attempting to tell.

I also need to order the prints for my final show.

The sad thing there is that I will have to order from the work I have done to this point. I need to ensure the prints are completed on on site in time for the show, which has the tentative opening date of July 23rd. I am confident that I have a body of thematically connected work that will display well, though I am somewhat nervous ab9out photos that come AFTER I have selected the show pieces.

Murphys Law dictates that the work taken AFTER the show has been curated will be superior to the work completed PRIOR to the curation.

Its going to be a busy and full three weeks or so,

And thats good. As much as I enjoy this, the value it had to me and the value it had to the community, I will be ready to go home at the end. This is already the longest I have EVER been away from my family. I miss them very much and while I have kept busy, they are never far from my thoughts.

I am also very stressed, Not by the work, or the creative process, that’s been simply amazing and a blessing. I am stressed because of unexpected issues with my car, the added expense of those issues and the fact that my EI has been under review since my arrival. It has now been over a month since my last EI payment and while it will be adjusted to reflect the earnings here, that is a significant blow to our family income. The only secured income I have had since being here has been the $250 a week stipend. That’s been good as it has covered my food and gas costs, there’s a very real strain on our family from the EI delay. I am hopeful that will be resolved very soon and it will be retroactive, but I am never certain.

That’s a pile of anxiety and stress that has caused battles with insomnia and bouts of depression as well. I hate that money does that, HATE… it should be about the creation process, the joy of discovery and of sharing that journey with you all.

Thank goodness for the kindness and support of friends and strangers alike, it has taken the edge off the very worse of the stress and allows some breathing room!

So, today I enjoyed travelling in the rain. Not far, the car is not going to go far until I get it looked at on Tuesday, but I needed to get out and explore.

After supper I took a small trip to look for a lupin shot. I have a shot in mind for lupins but am looking for a specific layout in certain light. I didn’t find it this evening but we have about a week or so left of lupins in bloom, so there’s time….

Thats it for today folks…

Hope you all enjoyed time with your family today!

Until tomorrow!

Stay safe and look for the beauty around you!

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