Twillingate-Day 33-July 3, 2021

Boy, what a busy day.

Didn’t seem like it, didn’t get out and shoot anything today, though I still might.

That being said.

It was a day of planning and prep. I have 12 images selected for the final show. They may change, they may not. They essentially have to be selected, edited, ready for print no later than say Wed or Thursday of this week. My intention is to go home (YAY PUPPERS) on Monday July 12th, returning to Twillingate on Tuesday the 13th WITH all the prints I need for the show in tow.

I’m excited to be doing this show. It’s my FIRST real show since graduating form Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1993. I’ve been been involved in a couple of group shows, online galleries etc. but this is a whole new animal for me.

Whats funny is that its the first of at least three running into the fall with works being displayed at the Beaches Arts and Heritage Centre in Eastport in August and in Sept a show at the Diamond House Art Centre in Glovertown.

Exciting times.

Whats NOT exciting is my car. I have decided, as I think I mentioned last night, to leave it parked until Tuesday when I have an appointment at the garage.

Fingers crossed folks that it’s not overly much, fingers crossed that I have my freedom and mobility back and can return to the feild.

I’ve been having great fun exploring on foot, you see the world differently when you are on foot and it allows an opportunity to discovery things you may have otherwise missed. That being said, I do have other places and sites on my MUST see list and a couple I want to revisit in different lighting.

So again, fingers and toes crossed please.

Here’s a couple of photos from the files that I drew the RAW data from today for edits. I really like the lupin/root cellar. It’s actually a theme I need to work more with once my wheels are back.

And of course, another stunning Back Harbour sunset, those things never get old!

Thats it for this evening folks. I have a feeling its going to be an early one for this amigo. My back has given me some grief today for the first time in a month or more. Experience tells me that rest is the best.

A special message to the people of Twillingate and the surrounding area. I love your communities. There are few places I have travelled that has this mix of culture, history, heritage and dare I say optimism. The restoration and rejuvenation of the heritage properties is inspiring to me.

But beyond that, the people have been fantastic. I have had countless folks from the area reach out via messaging to comment on my work or to welcome me to this place. Folks have been supportive and they seem to be appreciative of my take on this place.

I hope that the work I am doing here, and the work of others in the DART program, enriches this place and turns a few more eyes in its direction. You deserve to be on everyone’s list of places to visit this summer. I for one cannot wait to return year after year to see what new developments have come about and what new and exciting opportunities have taken root.

Be proud of what you have. Its a jewel.

Thanks for welcoming me into it.

All the best, till tomorrow

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