Your Support Matters

A reminder to support a creator this week!

We could all use the help. I’m in a little better position now than I was and its in no small part due to the support of folks just like you…. through buying a calendar, a print, a coffee or sponsoring a kilometre.

Even the act of commenting on a photo, sharing a post, or reaching out for a chat can make the world of difference to a creator, and to others in your life as well.

We explore, create and share not just for our own personal enrichment and satisfaction, but in a large part we do this so we can share the world we live in with you all. For some its a dose of nostaglia, places they have been before, buildings and structures that strike a familiar cord, that brings back memories. For others its allowing them to see things they may NEVER have a chance to see in “real” life.

I know for me when I see photos from Iceland I am enriched in my soul. These powerful landscapes, many of them exaggerations on the familiar surrounding I live in here in Newfoundland, fill me with a sense of joy and wonder. I may never get to Iceland in “real” life, but the work of folks like @svennioddur, who is Photos from Iceland by Sveinn Nifl on Twitter, or @JanWaiderJan Erik Waider Northlandscapes Photography on Twitter are journeys I look forward to taking every single day.

I draw inspiration from folks who are in the same province as me, capturing many of the same places, but each with their own unique vision. Its amazing to me that a group of photographers can visit the exact same site, Tickle Cove for example, and come away with so many distinct and different, yet uinified, photos of the same subject. Photographers like Sheldon Hicks, who’s work is mostly over on Facebook and captures the essence of Newfoundland so well, Gordon Follet, who’s use of light is simply stunning, his work is where I aspire to be, landscape photographers like Ting-Ting Chen, who sees Newfoundland through the eyes of a come-from-away’er and whose photographer is ethereal and dream like. These people inspire me to be better and they could ALL use support.

We all create what we create because we are driven to do so, its an imperative that is a strong as any in life, we strive to find the beauty and majesty, and yes sometimes the tragedy and the horror, that exists in our world and we put it out there for you all.

Your support matter…

Your support lifts us up ….

Your support gives us the confidence to keep at it, to grow, to discover, to share.

Why not support an artist today?

Here’s how you can support me….

Believe it or not, the single most important way you can help me is absolutely FREE!

​You can share my accounts with your friends and family, you can find me on TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok and Youtube.  While none of these accounts are generating revenue YET, you can help me get there simply by following, commenting and sharing!

​The second way you can help me out is by purchasing something from me, you can find a link to my shop by clicking here, This is actually my PREFERRED way for you to support me.  My art will go on your walls and you are getting a tangible return on your investment, its 100% a win-win!

I also produce a calendar each year. The cool thing about this years calendar is that it was curated by the fine folks who follow me on social media. This calendar was and is truly a community effort, and I have to say, you folks have chosen well!

If you would like to help out on my field trips or helping me purchase that extra little bit of kit that will give me even MORE opportunities to bring top notch content to you each and every day, you can “Buy me a Kilometre ….”.  You can buy one, three, five or ten or you can become a member. 

Your support SO far, through purchasing my work, sponsoring a kilometer or two has allowed me to upgrade my kit, and, the single most life changing thing I can imagine at this point, allowed me to purchase a vehicle. I cannot even begin to thank you all for that, the freedom and relief from pain that the Subaru will bring…. priceless… thanks…. humbly…

I want to thank you for visiting and your support.  I you want to talk to me about ANYTHING here or have any questions about photography or what I do, please, reach out.

All the very best


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