Keels, Bonavista Bay

Keels is a small outport community tucked away on the Bonavista Peninsula. Its the last community on route 235-20 and is a treat to visit.

This community boasted a population of over 340 in the 1940’s, but, like many small Newfoundland fishing communities it has seen a steady decline. The last census is 2016 showed a population of around 50 individuals.

Keels is a photographers dream, like much of the surrounding region.

Great examples of mid 20’th century Newfoundland architecture exists with many of the structures restored and looking as good as the day they were built. The community has one general store that has been owned and operated by the Mesh family for generations and in summer months has what I have heard to be an phenomenal chip truck!

In addition to the small beaches, stunning sunsets and small town aesthetic, Keels is part of the newly minted Discovery Global GeoPark. Of particular interest are the amazing “Devils Hoofprints”…

I had the great pleasure of visiting Keels a couple of nights ago and was treated to a spectacular sunset and was thrilled with the results of this trip. Here are some photos for you.

The golden light of Sunset on the Community of Keels.
This posts were very interesting and I am unsure of their purpose
The Yellow House, one of several restored structures in Keels
The sun sets on the rugged beauty of the Keels coastline
This proud dwelling seems to stand watch
The view from the Government Wharf in Keels, love the play of light on the water

Keels is a beautiful example of the types of towns that dotted our coastlines and islands for generations and should be made a part of any sight seeing trip on Route 235.

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All the best


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