A Blow Back…

Ok, that’s done…

Over the initial disappointment with the ArtsNL grant, still not pleased, but that’s ok. I’ve had more than enough GOOD fortune to make up for the this little bump in the road.

In many ways, I’m a little relieved. The grant was the last big stress ball I had in the air and now that its landed, I don’t have to worry about that particular thing anymore. No, instead I can focus on my upcoming work in Twillingate, how to make it simply the best, most creative and interesting work I can.

I just wanted to make a very quick post to thank people for the kind words of support and encouragement. I kill myself sometimes with my emotional reactions to things. I tell myself to calm down but these are the things I love and the clock, as they say, is ticking.

Please, I encourage you to stay tuned, this is going to be an amazing summer and I promise you, I will show you places you’ve never seen and places you have seen but in a way you have NEVER seen before.

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or sponsoring a kilometer. I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

Thanks folks, for keeping me honest and for your amazing words of kindness.

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