Kickstarter Ending

Backers, supporters, folks who have shared my Kickstarter, believed in it as I believed in it, felt the project was worth backing and or promoting.

I have given this much thought and much internal debate, struggled mightily with the decision and to be honest, shed a tear or two.

I am ending the Kickstarter as of today.

I appreciate the support and interest this project has garnered, its been amazing to see so many people want to help out, not just by backing it financially, but by sharing the project, sending words of encouragement, being there when I was stressed about it. It’s been an affirmation to me that this is a project worth doing and folks deeply care about it.

That being said, I know that the times are tough for so many, and the ask was huge. I know there were folks who would have loved to back the project but couldn’t due to the economic realities of a Covid-19 world. I know those realities all to well. My original plan to offer photo-tours this summer are on hold as we keep our borders secure. There is an uncertainty to the future, though optimistic, that must temper peoples decisions.

The reality is, despite the incredible generosity of all of you, we were never going to reach the goal in the time that was remaining. Keeping the Kickstarter campaign going was just causing me very real stress and anxiety, so in the interest of my mental well being, in consultation with Darlene, I have decided to end it immediately.

To my backers. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Your faith in not just the project but in me is amazing. If you would still like to help out, I still need the help. I need a means to get a vehicle that will allow me to get to where I need to be, in as little pain as possible, and open up new areas to explore and share. I am currently exploring other avenues, such as renting U-Haul pickups, the cheapest rental options, to get the job done. I cannot drive from more than an hour in my current car before my pain become intolerable. I have been asked by folks if I considered a loan or a lease. I have, however, I am not qualified. I have no regular income now and my credit is still recovering from the insolvency I had to undergo after losing my job. This is why asking for help is so very hard, but so very necessary.

My current chronic pain situation has limited me in what I can and cannot do, this project, and the tours next year, are my liberation from this misery. I hate to sound so dramatic, but this is a misery, both physically and mentally.

If you decide you would still like to help out, you can do so several ways. If you wish to continue with the amount you indicated in the Kickstarter, I will still meet the reward levels you are entitled to. These books, the art and associated shows WILL happen. It might be more difficult and take a little longer, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

So, there are several ways you can do this,. You could EMT your amount to me at , this might be the easiest, most direct way. However I do accept Paypal as well.

There is ZERO pressure for you to do this, ZERO, I understand you were backing a project with certain commitments and parameters and that project no longer exists. I want you to know I appreciate your backing regardless, it meant a lot.

You could also Buy Me a Coffee, this is great low commitment and easy way to help out an artist with a smaller amount.

You can always buy a print to support the project here, shipping is free across Canada!

I am also pre-booking my 2022 Calendar, you can purchase those here, this is my biggest sales item of the year and the success of much of my efforts hinge on it doing well.

I again apologize for the Kickstarter not proceeding, I hope you understand my decision.

I look forward to sharing the work with you as I figure out there where’s and whens. I can tell you for sure I am doing a multi-night visit to St. Brendans in the coming weeks.

All the very best, and thanks, truly, once again.


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