Folks, sometimes, sometimes being a persistent pain in the ass that is way to stubborn to give up, or too terrified to fail pays off.

This is one of those times.

Today I accepted an invitation to be an Artist in Residence in Twillingate, Newfoundland.

This is a very big deal for me and it offers an amazing amount of validation.

Look, I know I was doing ok, I knew that I was producing stuff that folks enjoyed looking at and some of you liked buying ( I like for more of you to like buying lol ) but you are never sure, is it the person they like, or the work.

Well, before today, I never spoke to the fine folks in Twillingate and they don’t know me from Moses. They invited me there to create for two months bases on my submitted work and my submitted ideas.

This is amazing. I am very grateful and cannot wait to get out there to create….

I have ideas… ideas beyond photography….

I am excited…

Stay tuned to this space for more. I plan on blogging daily out there so it will get really busy really quickly.

In the meantime, there’s things to do and things that need to be ready.

I still need a car, I was hoping to have a lot more time to get some cash together but the time is narrowing quickly now. I THINK I might have something lined up, but it depends on an inspection by a buddy lol.

I’m not looking for handouts or donations, I am asking however, if you were considering buying a work from me, or a calendar, could you consider doing so sooner rather than later???? That would be awesome!

Oh boy so friggin’ over the moon happy!

HUGE thanks to Wendy Morgan, Allan Vaughan and Anna Murphy who wrote me the most amazing letters of referral, you guys are so awesome, and I cannot thank you enough.

Thins are looking WAY WAY up!!

I don’t have any photos of Twillingate that I took myself so here’s one from…. don’t worry, it won’t be long before this space is FLOODED by my own work!

Special Offers and Packages - Twillingate Tourism, Newfoundland, Canada

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