Red Cliff, Bonavista Bay

Red Cliff, Bonavista Bay is one of my favorite places EVER to visit.

It, along with its sister communities of Open Hall and Tickle Cove offer some of the most stunning scenery for photographers anywhere in Newfoundland. Be it the awe inspiring sea arch in Tickle Cove, the old yet graceful church in Open Hall or the stunning rocks that dot the shore in Red Cliff, they all offer something unique to discover, and trust me when I say this, no two visits are the same…

Oh, did I mention the absolute rock star sunsets in the area?

May be an image of sky, twilight, ocean and nature
The sun sets in a wharf in Red Cliff Bonavista Bay

I was having a bit of a rough day yesterday. It looks like I wasn’t successful in the residency in Twillingate, and while that wasn’t a critical need for me, it would have been an amazing experience that I was looking very forward to sharing with you all. I also am not having much success with the Kickstarter I have going. Don’t get me wring, almost 40 supporters is an amazing feat, very pleased and very appreciative of the folks who continue to show me support each and every day, but it doesn’t look like my target will be met, and that is kind of critical to my success with the Where Once We Stood project.

It puts a lot of weight on the outcome of my ArtsNL grant application. If that falls through, along with the other items coming up short, I DO have an almost existential dread of what I will be able to do and where I am going to be.

I am sure it will work out fine, but yesterday I was feeling it so I did what I always do. I escape through photography, and, just recently, through video.

Red Cliff was where I ended up. I thought I would share a couple of the videos and then a few of the photos that came out of the trip.

I am on many media platforms these days in an effort to promote both my work and myself so each time I do a video I end up doing multiple formats. Its a good exercise really, as each platform has it’s own unique requirements. Twitter and Tik Tok have duration limits for example, and TikTok has the added bonus of having a different format as well.

So, lets start with the TikTok videos… I created two, one for the tranquility sounds, the other to show some of my photo work…

First the tranquil one…

Red Cliff Meditation, April 29, 2021

And next the video I created to showcase some of the photos I took in the area, those photos will be posted at the end of this blog as well.

Red Cliff Photo, April 29, 2021

And lastly I created a longer YouTube video to help showcase the area a little….

Red Cliff Visit, April 29, 2021

I am really enjoying video work, getting more comfortable with the editing process. Currently just using Adobe Premiere Rush but am teaching myself how to use DaVinci as well. There are a few items I need to improve my film work, a good external microphone and a gyroscopic gimbal are the top two on the list, but I can 100% see an evolution from my first videos to these. I was really intimidated by it for some reason. Next thing it to shot some with the DLSR and get some different effects and moods.

Video is the one thing I am really looking forward to exploring this summer. I will also need to get a drone at some point as well, if ever my work becomes profitable.

For now though my biggest focus remains on the photography. Red Cliff offer so much in that regard, and specifically related to Where Once We Stood.

This cluster of houses, they don’t have many winters left in them. For me the personify the profound sadness these buildings can hold. I talked about it in a previous blog, about how dwellings in particular seem to carry the pain of losing their purpose, of becoming empty of life and memory, these buildings just hit me in the soul.

Here’s a sampling of the photos I have played with from this trip…

Alone, Red Cliff, 2021
Silent Witness, Red Cliff, 2021
Out of Gas, Red Cliff, 2021

I hope you enjoyed the videos and the photos. Visiting Red Cliff, producing the work and sharing it has certainly helped improve my mood and my optimism for the future. I simply cannot wait to visit other locations and collect all these images, cultivate and curate them, and share them with all of you.

I could use your help, as always, getting the project going. There is the Kickstarter Project, which is only active for less than 40 days. This is the major source of capital for startup of this venture. If you can spare a few dollars, or even a share, it would be very much appreciated.

You can always buy a print from me here, shipping is free across Canada!

I am also pre-booking my 2022 Calendar, you can purchase those here, this is my biggest sales item of the year and the success of much of my efforts hinge on its success!

Thanks for much for your support and kind words, and excitement over the project, I cannot WAIT to present a full session to you guys, with the photos, art edits, videos etc, its going to be awesome!

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