June 2022 – A Review

What an amazing month!

We survived lol!

I’ve made no secret of the struggles we have had here in the Babstock/Pomroy house. Dee’s health struggles continue. I’m not going to get into great detail here, it’s her story to tell. It’s been a journey with many twists, turns and bumps in the road.

We are still of course hopeful that with the upcoming tests, MRI and EEG, that we will at least have some answers and a path forward.

It’s been rough to get the bills paid, but we have once again managed to get through the month and meet our commitments. Sales have been ok, not great, but ok. Enough that we made it all come together. I am optimistic that with the fall comes an increased demand for cards/calendars and gifts.

It’s not all been bad, not even CLOSE. Made some significant print sales, calendars have been doing ok and even made some NFT sales in what has been a very challenging market. On top of that, I have gotten out TWICE for overnights in the Subaru and hope for more in July.

These trips aren’t expensive really, BUT, the Subaru is showing signs of concern. There are more squeeks, clunks and stutters at times and I am fearful that on an outing I might end up with a broken down car. It makes it harder for me to plan trips further afoot. Though, truth is, I can’t live in fear. I need to get out and capture more to appeal to a broader audience so I can support my family through the demand for my work.

Still waiting on Subaru to step up and sponsor my travels lol…

Anyway, it has been a great month. It ended with a market and an indication that we should have some success with those moving forward over the summer. Dee tried a trial on some handcrafted stickers and they were a HIT!

Here’s a little overview in photos of the month that was, starting from the beginning of June through to the end.

If you like this work, could I please ask you to have a look at my Etsy, Printshop or consider buying a coffee or two? Thanks so much, you are all appreciated.

Now the photos!

Lets see what July will bring!

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