Discovering Discovery – The Collection to Date – Day 112

I thought it might be fun, and benificial, to share the 8 photos currently curated for my Discovering Discovery Collection

Some news, I am looking to secure a physical space to show this work once the NFT collection launches, it would be nice to see the work printed and mounted in a more traditional sense as well as the new art digital formats.

I love that NFT’s exist, and that it has opened a new avenue to show, sell and promote my work.

That being said, I LOVE seeing work framed and hung, there’s an intimacy to the work on the wall that is lost on a screen.

Ok, the work so far.

First, here is a collage of the 8 pieces…

And the individual works..

Into the Grey
The Sentinel
Dragon in the Mist
The Stack
The Passage

Very happy with this so far.

To answer another question. Approx one month after the NFT collection launches, OR, when it sells out, whichever happens first, this collection WILL be made available in the print shop!

Till tomorrow folks!

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