Discovering Discovery – Day 111 – Sept 19, 2021

Today has been a good day…

I think I have another entry into the Discovering Discovery collection with this piece

Dragon in the Mist

Or maybe with this one….


And maybe neither of them lol…

They may end up in the precursor basket!

One thing you may have noticed, and again, here’s the six photos currently selected for inclusion…

Is that they are all portrait orientation.

The VAST majority of my work is in portrait orientation, its an aesthetic that works for me and suits my vision. I often wonder if the fact I am blind in one eye might not influence that, I see the world in a more narrow field than most.

I also purchased my first NFT today! Whooo hooooo!

I am, for a time, a member of the Dorkis family. I have priced my NFT from them for sale, with what I would like to get out of it, but wouldn’t be shattered if it didn’t sell right away.

Interesting to see where it goes.

It also feels GREAT to give back a little!

Till tomorrow folks!

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