Random Cat-Day 93, Sept 1,2021

A little different this evening folks.

This evening this blog is going to be all about my cat, my nurse, my purr monster…



Random, our precious girl, our sweet senior kitty will be passing the rainbow bridge tomorrow after almost 14 years in our lives, and possibly as many as 17 years on the planet.

This girl is cantankerous, moody, full of piss and vinegar and was the loudest purr machine I have ever heard. She was MY cat. We have another, Laken, that ended up being Darlene’s cat, but Random was mine in every way, though, truth be told, in recent years she has become Damians cat, my youngest boy.

But she will ALLLLLLWAYS be my cat.

Random got her name for the way we got her. We had talked about getting a cat for sometime and were ready to make the commitment but we never really discussed the when. Then, one day as we were returning from errands in St. John’s to our home in Pouch Cove we passed the St. John’s SPCA. We drove for about another 2-3 minutes when Darlene and I looked at each other and said. ‘ Let’s get the cat now.”


We turned around and while there were several that caught our eye, Random caught our hearts. After the application process we were approved to take this ball of fuss home.

She had every right to be fussy. First, she was declawed. The declawing process is a trauma, so much so that it’s not even performed here in Newfoundland any more, it was deemed to be too barbaric…

Second, the circumstances of her being at the SPCA. Random was abandoned in an apartment, when the landlord finally found her she was skin on bones and there was about a half inch of water in the toilet bowl. It was fortunate the bathroom door was left open, and that the toilet seat cover was up or Random would never had made it to our home, she wouldn’t have survived without water.

Third, when we took her to the vet for a checkup after adoption and it turned out that at some point in her life someone cruel son-of-a-bitch hit her in the mouth with a blunt object, or kicked her, something. The result was the loss her top canine teeth. It resulted in a semi-permanent snarl….

Thats her, summed up, the sweetest girl with a snarl…. I loved that cat, I DO love that cat.

And because I love that cat, because WE love that cat we are going to do the right thing.

We are going to relieve her of her pain, we are going to send her off with the same love and the same care we gave her every single day. She deserves it, all of our cherished pets do…

Folks, I am going to be doing what I can for my local SPCA in memory of Random.

Can I ask you to do that same for yours?

I thank you and thousands of Randoms thank you.

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