Home-Day 94-September 02

What an up and down day.

As I spoke about last night, today we had to put our beautiful kitty Random over the rainbow bridge.

The vet clinic was amazing, gentle, explained everything, was calm and soothing. Let us guide the process at our speed and was nothing but loving and respectful to Random.

In the end she went quickly and surrounded by the people who love her.

I want to say as well, I was very proud of the boys. The handled this with grace and poise, allowing themselves to grieve while understanding that what we were doing was the most loving and right thing we could do for poor Random.

She’ll be missed, she’s better where she is, where the catnip is plenty and the fields are full of things to chase.


Moving on…

I was pleased to be invited to speak to Steve and CBC Radio this afternoon about my work, my inspiration and the recent foray into NFT’s.

Tune in Saturday morning for Weekend Arts Magazine to hear what we talked about.

Speaking of NFT’s, my 20 piece collection Twillingate Explored is dropping in the morning…

Wish me luck!

Thats’ it for tonight folks, its been a heck of a long day, much sleep is required…

Goodnight, and have a wonderful evening, smooch your pets.

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