Home-Day 68-August 7, 2021

Hey all!

So today was about my and my honey getting out. We visited the Farm and Market here in Clarenville and had a great time, picked up some soap, some chocolate and just hung out for a bit.

It was something we both very very much needed to say the least.

Dee was tired after the excursion so we came back and she had a nap while I worked on some Old Bones stuff.

Played around with my Etsy shop, trying to figure out how much more product to add there. I am thinking of doing another 10 images in there for now. Trying to keep the Etsy as an art card only platform. My shop sight run through Newfoundland Canvas is doing all the heavy lifting for me, and many more artisits, when it comes to higher end canvases, framed prints etc. Its nice to have an option for folks who want a piece, but are either lacking the room or resources to purchase a bigger one…

These art cards look WICKED framed btw, check out “She Waits” in a cheap Wal-Mart frame!


I also finished signing all the 5×7 prints being shipped with my calendars this year as well as started signing the Early Bird Calendars.

This time tomorrow all the early birds should be addressed, packed and stacked ready to ship on Monday! Very exciting.

I’m very happy with this calendar, its a good looking production. Though, truth be told, I could easily do another with just the Twillingate photo’s…

On another subject…

I am going to try an visit some of the places I had booked for the fall, only I am going to take Dee with me. This will mean it will be weekend trips only, and shorter times than I had originally hoped, BUT, it will give me a chance to continue to build my library AND spend more quality time with my fine lady.

It also allows me to keep an eye on her lol… shhhhh…. she doesn’t like me hovering lol

Thats it for this evening folks, heading the Champneys for a delivery tomorrow and taking the camera with me. I need to take a few shots to help clear my own mind. Photography and visual storytelling are the medicine I need…

Remember, now more than ever, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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