Home-Day 67-August 6, 2021

Busy day today.

Dee pretty much got a full days work in today, which is amazing. She’s still suffering from post-seizure effects as well as adjusting to the new medications, but improving all the time.

Her tongue is the worst of it now….

She took quite the chomp on it!

For me its been a day of getting things in order. Received all my Etsy shop prints, as well as the prints I am shipping with my calendars.


Once I got them home it was sign, sign and sign some more!


Calendars start shipping next week, very exciting!

In addition, all stock showing in my Etsy Shop is now on hand. So I will be fulfilling orders as they are placed moving forward. Anyone who ordered in the last little bit was shipped today!


To celebrate being up and running, for the remainder of August shipping on Art Cards anywhere in Canada is FREE, $2.00 for elsewhere, Shipping charged on first item only!

What a chance to own a signed piece, collect them all. I am going to pick up a frame over the weekend to show how good these little pieces look under glass!

Been doing a ton of thinking and yes, stressing, about what’s next for me. What was going to be a busy and wide ranging fall is now 6 months of sticking close to home and being out families transportation. No big trips anywhere I fear, which will limit what I produce, and, as a result, limit my ability to make a living at this beautiful thing.

Still trying to figure out what that might look like…

I know I need help… I have a couple of great business and production ideas, but I need to get them funded and I am not the best at application processes… Might have to call my MHA and see what can be done I guess….


Dee has her health to worry about, as do I, and getting that under control is the BIGGEST thing right now…

Everything else is secondary….

Until tomorrow folks!

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