Twillingate-Day 55-July 25, 2021

What a great day1

My Dad and his partner came for a visit today and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s probably a whole volume of psychological theories and such on why men always seek the approval of their dads. While both my parents were very good at letting me do my own exploration and make my own decisions, I know art wasn’t the, ummm, optimum path we’ll say, that they wanted me to embark upon. To see him smiling and generally being proud of the work I have on the walls, well, it was a wonderful feeling.

I think as much for him as for me lol

All that aside, it was nice regardless. We drove around, chatted, saw the sights and I had fish tacos for lunch…

It doesn’t get much better than that lol


A couple of housekeeping items..

The 12 photos currently on display the the Blue Barrell ARE for sale for the very good price of $250 each. They will be available after August 1st. I will find out what the best contact is for the purchase of them from the fine crew at Unscripted and post it here.

However, you can ALWAYS purchase directly from my print shop as well. Shipping is free ANYWHERE in Canada.P

People have been wondering about the Eastport show. As of now there won’t be a formal opening, however, I am going to reach out and see if I can do an artist talk or similar there sometime in August.

Stay tuned for more on that…

I am in St. Brendans from August 9-12, looking very forward to that…

I am also looking at a West Coast trip in September or October, fall foliage is what I am thinking. I was ALMOST on the West Coast last year in October to shoot a wedding and the colors were magic!

So, why am I listing all these locations?

Well, I am in the process of speaking with publishers about a series of books collecting my works at various locations across the island, and into Labrador in the next year.

The first will be a collected works of my time here in Twilingate, then a Bonavista Pen. one, a west coast version and finally, a Labrador version.

These will be Visual Stories told through photographs and some of my thoughts on the areas I travel and the photos I capture,

I’m excited about these books and I am of course still working on my larger collection of Abandoned and Historic Places for Where Once We Stood.


I am going to be doing webinars, weekly, starting in Sept. Topics will be photography, light room, inspiration etc. etc.

I will post more here as its available.

Guys, listen, thanks so very much for joining me on this adventure! Its been a truly shared experience and I have grown so much, thanks for the support along the way!

Thank you…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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