Twillingate-Day 39-July 9, 2021

I want to start tonight’s blog by sending my support and well wishes to the many business owners, workers and other affected by the devastating fire in Twillingate today.

I believe at least 9 business were destroyed, along with all inventory and belongings that were on site.

I’m not sure how many folks directly are out of work now pending new locations, but its a devastating blow to a community still feeling the effects of losing a major heritage building to fire on the past year as well.

This town and surrounding area could use a break, it reinvented itself after the fishery collapse to become a tourism destination, then covid hit, and now fires do damage to the heart and the soul of the community.

It’s not fair…

Keep this folks in your thoughts please, they have welcomed me into their community, I have grown to like and respect them, they are hard working, decent Newfoundlanders and they deserve better.


On to other things…

I am NEEEEERVOUS about my presentation on Wed. It’s going to be very informal, a show and tell with a Q&A, just talking about basically the same stuff I talk about here, but still nervous. I feel like an imposter sometimes, or, like I said recently, like I am driving a stolen car. It doesn’t seem real to me that folks like my work, that I was selected to come here, and that people have an interest in what I might have to say…

Mind- boggling….

At any rate, here’s a link to the session…. make sure to get a ticket booked ASAP, they tell me they are filling up quickly….

Folks… what a treat today was. I was privileged to be able to handle, read and shoot two Merchant ledgers there were 150 years old give or take… amazing documents that tell the story or day to day life in Newfoundland. You could see in its entries the story of business, of feeding families, stocking ships and more. The penmanship was amazing, so clean and crisp with a flair…

Its not every day you get to handle this sort of thing… I only hope my photos do a decent job of representing the beauty and wonder of these books…

Just amazing, stunning really… and the weight of these books was SHOCKING, so heavy… not your Drugstore paperback that’s for sure…

After that I got a REAL treat let me tell you!

Local and legendary artist Ted Stuckless opened up his studio doors to me and allowed me free roam of his building. Folks, I felt like I was allowed to explore and investigate the studios of Leonardo, or Rembrandt.. or the lab of Edison…. or Tesla…

Ted is more that a painter, though he is certainly a very fine one of those, check these out….

Newfoundland Art - Ted Stuckless
Newfoundland Art - Ted Stuckless
Newfoundland Art - Ted Stuckless | Art, Landscape art, Landscape paintings

He is a true explorer of this earth and the things in it. An interest in radio, electricity, math, the studies of geometry and physics, ley lines and energy fields. Just a very VERY intelligent, gifted and curious man who’s spaces brim with the flotsam and jetsam of the creative mind…

I was fascinated… I was amazed and I AM so grateful to have met him and visited that space. I’ll have more photos later, but for now, here a couple from his studio…. simply amazing…

He also has the sweetest little dog… and we all know I am a sucker for dogs lol….

Thats it for today folks, I just want to leave you with this…. a comment a follower sent me via DM that made me feel like I am doing something right and made my soul fill….

“You have a knack for making the simplest things look extraordinary”

Yeah, that’s a nice note to end a Friday on…

All the best folks… all the very best….

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