Twillingate-Day 40-July 10,2021

I’ve been fighting a headache all day….

I don’t know if its from a pressure change due to the weather or not but its been off and on horrible…

How bad?

Well, I was in bed and had forgotten to do a blog!!

That’s bad lol…

I didn’t do much in the way of photography today. I did visit my father in law who lives about an hour away from Twillingate. That was a nice visit, and I came away with a very nice vintage Russian 35 millimeter camera from the late 60s early 70s.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of it yet but I will do so sometime over the next few days and post them here for folks to see.

While in that area I did take advantage of being there and visited the site of two shipwrecks located in the town of Embree.

My intention wants to do some research on these vessels and have that information linked here for you, but as I indicated above bad head and was in bed and now you get what you got LOL.

Pretty interesting site, I’ll have to return there again either early morning or late evening when the light is a little better but I’m pretty happy with the couple of shots that I did get. And of course, I used Lightroom to make the light that I wanted rather than have to deal with the light that I got LOL

That’s it for tonight folks, I’m going to have something pretty special to share with you tomorrow night. Something that I hope well put the smile on your faces.

Tell then have a great evening and an even better Sunday.

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