Why this is important

So, why is Where Once We Stood important?

I can come at this from a couple of angles.

Lets start with the practical. These places, these objects, that connect us to our past are disappearing at an alarming and accelerating rate. If we don’t get out and preserve them, at least in photos, they will be gone forever. The very real opportunities to tell stories to our children, prompted by their own questions, is fading from the landscape. The opportunity, as you drive be an old stage, boat or house to engage in conversation is fading.

In less that a year, the places in the photos below, the objects, the homes, have all disappeared. Either through final collapse, removal or being swept away. In just one short year, in the area I frequent there are many more examples of history fading.


Now, I know that many folks say, so what, its junk and an eyesore.

I prefer not to see it that way, I prefer to see the beauty, the dignity and the weight of history in these places. Someone built these places, lived in them, loved in them, and in many cases died in them. They deserve to be treated and documented with a measure of respect and dignity.

Second, I need to do this for me.

My mental and physical struggles are not news to anyone who has been following me for some time. For those of you who are new here are the Coles notes.

I fell while away for work meetings. Broke my back. Eventually lost my Management Job as a direct result of the injury. Declared insolvency, lost a house and my credit, had two spinal surgeries, now suffer from chronic pain due to scar tissue impinging on my spinal cord and struggle with my mental health, depression and anxiety, ever since.

Photography is my salvation. Photography saved my life…. period…..

This Project gives me purpose, the books, photos, blogs etc present to me an opportunity to earn a living, to support my family, to return some portion of my self worth. It also confirms that my voice is valid, that I have something to say that people want to hear.

So there’s that.

I’ll be talking more about the mental recovery aspect of this project once we start the actual project. I will be dedicating at least one live broadcast on TikTok from sites I am working on the mental health, how being the field helps me, how I am doing etc.

In a very real sense, the subtitle of this project could be “A man rebuilding himself for the future by documenting the decay of the past”

I could use your help, as always, getting the project going. There is the Kickstarter Project, which is only active for less than 40 days. This is the major source of capital for startup of this venture. If you can spare a few dollars, or even a share, it would be very much appreciated.

You can always buy a print from me here, shipping is free across Canada!

I am also pre-booking my 2022 Calendar, you can purchase those here, this is my biggest sales item of the year and the success of much of my efforts hinge on its success!

Thanks for much for your support and kind words, and excitement over the project, I cannot WAIT to present a full session to you guys, with the photos, art edits, videos etc, its going to be awesome!

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