Home-Day 95-Sept 3, 2021

Hello everybody. So I tried to log in to my block site on my computer and for some reason it wouldn’t accept my password which is weird because it’s the same one I use on my mobile device which is what I am blogging on now. I’m doing this voice to text so if there’sContinue reading “Home-Day 95-Sept 3, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 26-June 26, 2021

A day of rest… Here’s the video… As promised, here the link to the page with the photo for sale, BUT, if you would just like to purchase one you can do so with the Paypal button below! I mentioned in the video that there would be no new photos this evening. I am takingContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 26-June 26, 2021”