Tickle Cove et al-day 96-Sept 4, 2021

So folks tonight’s blog is going to be a little different, tonight tonight it’s all about the photos. Here’s what I saw today Remember to visit my NFT collection. The link is at the top of the page under any is under OpenSea NFT Until tomorrow have a great night and thanks for all theContinue reading “Tickle Cove et al-day 96-Sept 4, 2021”

Home-Day 85-August 24, 2021

Welcome to my Pre-Birthday Blog… Its a big one, the birthday that is, not the blog… I feel somewhat more apprehensive about 51 than I did about 50… Lets be frank, there’s a lot going on and I am starting to feel like a bunny picking up the scent of a predator. I feel panicked,Continue reading “Home-Day 85-August 24, 2021”