Twillingate-Day 24-June 24, 2021

As well be the norm moving forward we start with a video blog! Ok, so before I forget. The gentleman who has spent many many years cataloguing and mapping the root cellars in the Twillingate area is Troy Mitchell. A link to a VOCM article on him can be found here, and you can visitContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 24-June 24, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 21-June 21, 2021

Three weeks into my residency. It’s a life changer. This town, the people in it, the buildings, the landscapes… oh lord… the sunsets are simply soul infusing events really. I have only scratched the surface here. When I started this, I was apprehensive about how I could fill eight weeks of work here and remainContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 21-June 21, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 20-June 20, 2021

A little bit early with this entry today. I may do a Day 20 ver. 2 or Day 20.5 something like that a little later. Who knows. I wanted to take this opportunity on a Sunday, which for me has always been a day about reflection, to share a little background. Many of you haveContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 20-June 20, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 19-June 19, 2021

What a string of very large days! Today was a little of a down day for me. Well, when I say down day, I mean I didn’t go out for photo’s today. Instead I focused on some other projects I wanted to play with while I was out here and had the freedom to explore.Continue reading “Twillingate-Day 19-June 19, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 14-June14, 2021

What does the Art Residency mean to me? Well, it gives me a unique opportunity to work on ideas without reservation. I am a photographer first. Of that there is no doubt, but through my exploration of my craft here in Twillingate I am discovering a affinity for video work, for writing, for painting… andContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 14-June14, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 13- June 13, 2021

Two weeks in and I am starting to come around to the ideas that are going to dictate my final 6 weeks of work. Twillingate is a heritage town, that is to say, there are a lot of places, business buildings, dwelling, root cellars, stages and such that can be dated back over 100 years.Continue reading “Twillingate-Day 13- June 13, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 8-June 8, 2021

This will be a very short blog today I fear. I had a little bit of running around to do today, for all the good it did me lol BUT I have groceries! I started today out right with a drive to the lighthouse. No camera, no notebook, just me and the sea. It gaveContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 8-June 8, 2021”

Twillingate-Day2-June 2, 2021

A shorter blog today, at least, that’s the intention. Some news! The Covid-19 Alert Level has been reduced to level 2 in the Twillingate region so off I go! Leaving here on Saturday morning, and in a happy chain of events, the other artist who was delayed in getting going in Twillingate, Jordan Harnum, willContinue reading “Twillingate-Day2-June 2, 2021”