Twillingate-Day 25-June 25, 2021

Not sure what was going on with the focus at the beginning of this thing lol… As promised, there the standalone copy of the video featured at the end of the above blog…. Not a whole heck of a lot more to talk about today. Today is a down day, we need those, they makeContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 25-June 25, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 22-June 22, 2021

**** a note for the first time ever the podcast version has been recorded in my voice, have a listen, let me know what you think**** Folks, its hot…. hoooooooooot Suffering through a very intense internal debate about going out for some sunset shots later or not. Leaning towards the not side of the argument.Continue reading “Twillingate-Day 22-June 22, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 15-June 15, 2021

Officially one quarter of the way through this life changing experience. It seems I start every blog singing the praises of this amazing place I find myself, I see no reason why this blog should be any different. Twillingate, and the surrounding communities are simply amazing, treasure both natural and constructed is to be foundContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 15-June 15, 2021”