Home – Day 101 – Sept 9, 2021

My path is set, for the next 6-8 weeks at least. I am going to shoot, edit and present a body of work based on the geological, historical and cultural sites of the recently created but very ancient Discovery Geo Park. This body of work will be called Discovering Discovery. It will HOPEFULLY result inContinue reading “Home – Day 101 – Sept 9, 2021”

DAY 100!!!!!!

100 Days in a ROW!! I made a promise to myself to blog every single day. As you may have noticed, I have a few things going on lol… yesterday was a bad one, today is a good one. BUT blogging helps, it helped yesterday, it’ll help tomorrow… So, to celebrate my 100 I tookContinue reading “DAY 100!!!!!!”

Mental Health – Day 99 – Sept 7, 2021

Folks.. You who have been here for some time know this. I struggle mightily with my mental health. I feel like a spectator in my own life sometimes. Kind of like a character behind my eyes, influenced by the action but powerless to stop it. It not constant, its not even frequent these days.. ButContinue reading “Mental Health – Day 99 – Sept 7, 2021”

Home – Day 98 – Sept 6, 2012

Beautiful day today folks! Spent the afternoon in Tickle Cove and managed to shoot one of those rare photos that I loved as soon as I opened it. That’s rarely happens, but in this case, it did. Its minimal, it’s simple… it tells a story of mystery, of what lays beneath. The editing has somethingContinue reading “Home – Day 98 – Sept 6, 2012”

Home-Day 97-Sept 5, 2021

Almost 100 days of blogging every single day… Amazing…Therapeutic… Never thought I would be able to keep doing it. Sometimes I don’t know why I do it, why it’s so important. It helps me, it helps me work through some things, sometimes they are art things, something they are life things… I’m going to keepContinue reading “Home-Day 97-Sept 5, 2021”

Home-Day 94-September 02

What an up and down day. As I spoke about last night, today we had to put our beautiful kitty Random over the rainbow bridge. The vet clinic was amazing, gentle, explained everything, was calm and soothing. Let us guide the process at our speed and was nothing but loving and respectful to Random. InContinue reading “Home-Day 94-September 02”

Random Cat-Day 93, Sept 1,2021

A little different this evening folks. This evening this blog is going to be all about my cat, my nurse, my purr monster… Random… Random, our precious girl, our sweet senior kitty will be passing the rainbow bridge tomorrow after almost 14 years in our lives, and possibly as many as 17 years on theContinue reading “Random Cat-Day 93, Sept 1,2021”

Monthly Recap – Day 92 – August 31, 2021

What a goddamn month this was. It started out incredibly, coming off my residency in Twillingate, I had a lot of interest in my work, my calendars had arrived, my Etsy site was set up and going. I had plans to spend a week in St. Brendans, at least 2 nights on the Southern Shore,Continue reading “Monthly Recap – Day 92 – August 31, 2021”

The Real World-Day 91-August 30, 2021

Ok… Deep breath… This is going to be a positive, celebratory post, an optimistic one, cautiously, but optimistic… Folks, I tweeted something to this effect a little earlier tonight so it may sound familiar. I am coming from a nightmarish past. I was broken in every way. I had a serious injury, I was forcedContinue reading “The Real World-Day 91-August 30, 2021”

Home-Day 90-August 29, 2021

Lets get the nice stuff out of the way first lol Today the family went to Placentia to share an early Christmas dinner with Darlenes family. It was so much fun and such a pleasure to break bread with so many loved ones. Dinner was awesome and the weather for the drive couldn’t be nicer.Continue reading “Home-Day 90-August 29, 2021”