Twillingate – Day 12 – June 12, 2021

This town is quickly taking over my heart. What an amazing place, historic, peaceful, scenic. Food and music to sooth your soul. Just amazing. So, short blog tonight but wanted to get a couple of items out there and share a few photos from todays excursion. First, what a fantastic response to last nights blogContinue reading “Twillingate – Day 12 – June 12, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 10-June 10,2021

10 days in, wow, I don’t want to leave. Every day, every turn there is something new. I’ve been forced, or I should say challenged, the adjust my expecatations as to the type of work I am going to complete while I am here, MAINLY due to the absolute shortage of old and abandoned places.Continue reading “Twillingate-Day 10-June 10,2021”

Twillingate-Day 9-June 9, 2021

This town… Man, this town and the surrounding area, just stunningly beautiful. It’s exceeded my expectations, it’s also left me a little perplexed lol… My intention was to come out there and continue my work towards abandoned and forgotten places. There’s an issue though, there is hardly anything abandoned or forgotten. Even the homes andContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 9-June 9, 2021”

Twillingate-Day 8-June 8, 2021

This will be a very short blog today I fear. I had a little bit of running around to do today, for all the good it did me lol BUT I have groceries! I started today out right with a drive to the lighthouse. No camera, no notebook, just me and the sea. It gaveContinue reading “Twillingate-Day 8-June 8, 2021”

Twillingate-Day2-June 2, 2021

A shorter blog today, at least, that’s the intention. Some news! The Covid-19 Alert Level has been reduced to level 2 in the Twillingate region so off I go! Leaving here on Saturday morning, and in a happy chain of events, the other artist who was delayed in getting going in Twillingate, Jordan Harnum, willContinue reading “Twillingate-Day2-June 2, 2021”