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So you like my work and found yourself here! 

That’s GREAT!I am so glad you found me, I hope you are enjoying the work I share as a creator, be it a photograph, a video or some writing, I am all about providing you with enjoyable content that hopefully enriches your day.

This is my life and my career now and through my creating I hope to not only bring joy to you but support my family as I grow and develop my craft.

How can you help?  Well, there are several ways and believe it or not, the single most important way you can help me is absolutely FREE!

You can share my accounts with your friends and family, you can find me on TwitterInstagramFacebookTikTok and Youtube.  While none of these accounts are generating revenue YET, you can help me get there simply by following, commenting and sharing!

The second way you can help me out is by purchasing something from me, you can find a link to my shop above under portfolio, or by simply clicking here, This is actually my PREFERRED way for you to support me.  My art will go on your walls and you are getting a tangible return on your investment, its 100% a win-win!

I also produce a calendar each year, you can get information on that above under the 2022 Calendar link in the menu bar!

If you would like to help out by keeping me warm on my field trips or helping me purchase that extra little bit of kit that will give me even MORE opportunities to bring top notch content to you each and every day, you can “Buy me a Coffee….”.  , or, as I am saying these days, sponsor a kilometre. You can buy one, three, five or ten or you can become a member.  All of that is explained once you follow the link below.

Buy me a Coffee!!!!  

I want to thank you for visiting and your support.  I you want to talk to me about ANYTHING here or have any questions about photography or what I do, please, reach out.

All the very best


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