It Begins!

After much debate and deliberation I have decided to release the first five photos from Yellow – Visitations I on Opensea.

This has been an amazing journey of discovery and self-exploration that I am thrilled to share with you all.

I cannot wait to see where the next turn in the road leads.

I present to you Yellow – Visitations I


Short post.

I’ve been sharing the photos that are to be part of the Yellow – Visitations 1 collection and one question has come up again and again.

Can I purchase these?

The short answer is YES! You sure can…

The complicated answer is YES! BUT… not yet lol…

Here’s the thing. I want to have an entire, solid, cohesive collection of about 30 photos that are united by theme, but tell their own stories.

I am HOPING to collect these photos in an exhibition, an NFT collection and, lastly, some sort of book. Though the book may wait. This is Visitations 1 Afterall there could be a 2, 3, or even 4…

Foreshadowing lol…

At any rate, I’m not going to make any of these available for purchase until the whole is ready to go.

Expect 6-8 weeks.

In other news.

I have a calendar I am currently taking pre-orders on. It has been going REMARKABLY well, like, beyond all expectations well.

I set a goal of $3000, which is around what I spent on calendars last year though two orders. I set $3000 because I figured if I could pay for the calendars I sold LAST year and have that stock up front I could be better prepared to attend markets and HOPEFULLY sell more.

This IS my income right now, heck, its the families only income right now until Dee get’s her EI claim straightened away. Being better positions is everything,

Well, I am excited to say that as of this blog the Kickstarter is at $4650


What does that mean?

Well, it means I can be in an amazing place with inventory. I will have more calendars up front than all of last year, I am also investing in my line of greeting cards, buying a greeting card display rack so I am more professionally displayed at the markets..

I am investing in stock of 8×12 and 5×7 prints for both my Etsy and the markets. I am prepaying registration for a half dozen markets this coming summer. I am purchasing , up front, ALL the packaging and envelopes I will need to ship my stock this summer.


I am setting the table for what should be a busy summer, the first in a while where, right or wrong, our borders are open and we are inviting folks, particularly from here in Newfoundland, to come home.


While there seems to be ample funding for some ventures, it looks like little ambassadors for this province are going to have a harder time accessing any of it, at least, from what I have seen. If anyone knows any different, please, let me know.

That being said, I have a HUGE sense of pride and accomplishment having raised almost $5000 through my own passion and hard work, teaming up with the kindness and generosity of all you very real folks out there. I am going to have the BEST selection possible to be a success this summer and it’s all from my own hard work and vision. I know pride can be dangerous, but in this case, I am going to bask a little in it, for the next little bit at any rate.

Thank you. Everyone, who pre-purchased a calendar, you may have saved our family this summer, you’ve certainly made it a little more realistic to succeed. You are all appreciated.

If you are interested in purchasing the calendar, you still can, the pre-order with all the goodies, free shipping, signed calendar, signed print and more, that ends at noon on April 4th, but after then, it’ll be in my Etsy if you are reading this a little later.

Thanks folks, thanks for helping give this old fella a little boost.




This project will require travel.

It’s about introducing the object to as many location as I can and exploring how it interacts, contributes, detracts or other wise influences the environment it placed in.

The original plan was to outfit my 2012 Subaru was a sleeping foam, pack up the ol’ camping gear and pick a destination. However, my Subaru is ailing right now and MAY have suffered a end of life breakdown. Yet to be determined, but needless to say, if it CAN be fixed, it won’t be a cheap fix.

Our other car. A 2016 Elantra, hasn’t moved since December when a rodent invaded it, left feces and urine all over the place, chewed the stuffing from the rear seat, chewed up the rear seat belts and heaven only knows what other damage. We are waiting for parts, for FOUR months now we have been waiting for parts.

The insurance just gave us a rental for a month, so hopefully one way or the other the car will be fixed. OR, the Subaru recovers.

It’s a shame really. The wife and I had just completed a glorious adventure and were in the midst of making plans for the next trip when the Subaru acted up, quickly squashing them.

I may pull out our old 2 man dome tent and see if that will suffice. I surely can’t afford am AirBnB or cabin every trip but I need to get out there. You see the quandary. I am hopeful that print, calendar and NFT sales continue and it will allow me some measure of stress relief from the financial side. I sure hope so, because the art, man, the ART is amazing, as is this place I call home.

Here’s a few photos from our trip along a small portion of Burin Peninsula earlier this week. Many more trips await, just need to figure out the logistics and such! Can’t wait to share more with you all.

Burin Peninsula – Bay L’Argent – Harbour Mile

and just a funny little shot of myself taking advantage of the chair…lol…

The nice thing, well, one of the nice things, there’s a lot of them really, of having Darlene join me is the candid shots lol….

That’s it for today..

Oh, one thing, I’ve added two more to the complete collection, binging the count to 4 now. You can view in the gallery!



The Change

So its official now…

I’ve decided to change the title of this project 100%

It’s stilled prefaced by yellow, BUT, its now Yellow – Visitations 1

Visitations 1 you say? What does THAT mean?

Could mean something, could mean nothing, could be me hedging my bets.

Time will tell.

Couple of housekeeping things.

One, my shop links and NFT links are above, as well as a link to my coffee site. I am trying, really really hard, to make a living creating this work. I am almost there… well… I thought I was at any rate.

I spoke about my wife’s health issues a little in the previous blog. They are still there and we are still awaiting her EI claim to kick in. She was on sick EI, we had hoped the transition to a regular claim once it was established she couldn’t return to the work she was doing, would be instant. We shouldn’t be surprised, BUT there a 4-6 week waiting period.

Pair that with my trusted Subaru outback being down for the count, and likely beyond the scope of repair that I can afford to pursue, we are on hard times just now.

So, if you could look at my offerings, that would be wickedly appreciated. I just added 10 new 8×12 prints to my Etsy shop as well, here those are…

These prints were going to be exclusively available in person at various markets this summer, but I felt I should offer them up to the general public as well.

I guess the bottom line is, we sure could use a hand right now. I know we have asked this before and by god you folks out there have stepped up so well in the past. I feel horrible for asking again, but here we are.

If not, please, continue to enjoy the blogs and the photos! Those are free to enjoy and always will be!



Today I visited beautiful Melrose on the Bonavista Peninsula.

It was a snow squally kind of day and there are a chain of small rock islands just off the coast there that are amazing. I felt it would be a wonderful spot to set up the yellow chair and take in a little visitation, a moment with the divine….

Such peace and solitude in the face of nature. I hope you enjoy these works. I have a feeling at least ONE of these will make it to the final collection of works.

The Squall

I do hope you are enjoying these works. It’s been a growth experience for me. I find myself spending as much time sitting the chair absorbing where I am as I do capturing it with a lens. I firmly believe the best work comes when we are exploring and learning about ourselves.

I hope you stay for the journey.


Yellow – An Introduction

The FIRST photo

If you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will have noticed that lately, my photos have a special guest in them.

A humble, yellow, wooden kitchen chair.

What’s going on with the chair you might ask, and you would be right to do so!

Well, lets start back before there WAS a chair.

In the fall of 2021 I was working on another project entitled Saltwater Cathedrals. It was an exploration of the buildings, artifacts and materials used in the fishery for generations. It was also an exploration of how these places had a heavy “weight” to them, the history, the generations of hard work and how that might have imprinted on the structures.

In addition is was an study of the landscapes these places and objects were located. Often grand sweeping vistas, powerful seas, rolling waves, the power of nature and the divine. It was as if subconsciously there was an effort to get closer to the other. It resonated with spirit for me.

Then a health scare hit our home. My beautiful wife, Darlene, had tonic colonic seizures and then developed a yet to be diagnosed abdominal ailment. As a result of the seizures she lost her ability to drive, so I had to stay closer to home. My plans for exploring outport Newfoundland took a little hit.

I didn’t want to wallow in that and started thinking about ways I could create an interesting project closer to home. I started thinking about how I always liked to tell a story with my work, I also started to think about how to invite the viewer to spend a little more time in a space, how to not only grab their interest but to invite them to stay a while, get comfortable, explore.

I struck on the idea of a kitchen chair.

Now, before I get into what I chose a chair, among other things, let me just say I drew some inspiration from local Newfoundland artist Will Gill and his extraordinary installation The Green Chair in Maberly, Newfoundland. I suggest you visit his site by clicking the provided link. It’s STUNNING work created a stir for all who visited.

Incidentally, I have reached out to Will and explained my project and to thank him for the inspiration. While our work is linked by object, our explorations are of different themes. I did want to ensure that he was aware I was utilizing the chair. We had a great conversation, he looks forward to seeing what comes out of the project!

So, why the chair?

I wanted to explore what happens to a space when you introduce an object that doesn’t really belong. I also wanted an entry point to the photo, basically inviting a person into the space to sit and absorb where they are. I used a chair, in particular a kitchen chair, because there’s a comfort in that, a sense of warmth, kind of like Nan’s house.

Chairs are ALMOST universal and easily recognizable. Their function is known and they have a place. Its interesting to me what happens when that place isn’t what we would expect?

I chose yellow because of the association it has with dories, a traditional in shore fishery vessel here in Newfoundland, and the Government wharves constructed in many bays. Yellow is also associated with memory and recall.

That’s where the idea started, now its spread out from there a little and with the creation of this blog today I will share these photos and the thoughts behind them!

I hope you enjoy!


Discovering Discovery-Day 116-Sept 24, 2021

I’m still terrified…

But the anxiety is down a little.

Its sink or swim time, I have about a month to two months grace before the situation goes critical and if it becomes critical, well, then I’ll do the right thing and get a job where-ever I can.

It might seem egotistical, and its not because I think I’m too good for retail or the food industry, I just feel like I am doing a disservice to the talents I was given. I have a vision and I love nothing more than sharing it with the world…


It needs to make sense to do so, mental health is one thing, but not being able to pay the bills will erode the mental health faster than almost anything else, and heck, if it was just me I would suffer a little, the craft is worth it, but I have family that depends on me.

Ah who knows, maybe I sell through my Discovering Discovery collection, get my ArtsNL grant, sell a load of prints, calendars etc and get my book deal and I’ll look back at this time and chuckle about how melodramatic I was.

Updated the Gallery located at Cabin 6 in Milton today. I had all canvases in there, but now have a selection of framed works in there. Hopeful these prove popular and I sell some of them.


Also got to hang out with this fella a bit, Darrin Reid, owner, operator and driving force behind Cabin 6 Stone Fired Pizza.


If ever you needed proof that hard work and believing in yourself pays off then look no further, a REAL success story and I couldn’t be prouder to know this gent…

Folks, that’s it for this evening…. keep your collective fingers crossed for my sanity and lets all pray for success, for us all, these coming months….

Let’s be Serious for a Second

I’m trying to learn ways to cope and deflect the anxiety.

Most days its fine, you know, I know what I am doing is good work, I know what the work does for me mentally and that helps.

But then there’s the reality.

It’s tough…

It’s tough trying to make a living at this thing, it’s tough being against the wall with it.

The reality is, I need to make at LEAST 2k a month in order to survive if not thrive…

I’m not there yet.

I was hopeful that NFT’s would be the answer, and they may still be. The potential to make a living from selling NFT’s is there, the potential to make LIFECHANGING money is there…

But it’s kind of a carrot and stick

There are just enough people doing well selling their photographs as NFT’s to make the rest of us believe that it could be us next.

But man, the quality of the work that is selling, the exotic locals ( btw I believe Newfoundland is every bit as exotic as anywhere else on earth ), it makes it hard to believe you could break through you know

So we get to the drone idea.

I am buying one, soon. I had hoped to make a few more calendar sales, maybe a few prints. I have the money for it now, BUT, as I just finished saying, I need 2k a month to survive. If I spend 2k on the drone and the training, then that’s a month’s survival..

Personally, I think its’ worth it. I think there is money to be made BEYOND the fine art realm doing shoots for Real Estate Agents, Tourism Operators etc. It’s just a huge gamble to make, spending a months worth on money on this thing.

My wife, god love her, so supportive. She sees the benefit to the drone, she thinks it could be a huge boon to the business, but I see the worry in her eyes as well.

I don’t know, this winter is going to be rough.

I was talking to a representative from tourism culture industry and innovation for the province and I am cautiously optimistic something will come of that regarding next year and the photo tours, but there are no guarantees.

I have also applied for an ArtsNL grant, and again, there are no guarantees…

Anyone who has known me for a while, followed me, you know I have worked harder at making this work than if I had a full time job. I am at this 24/7, I eat, sleep and breath my art and the beauty of the province.

I just wish the hard work meant less worries instead of more,

And maybe I am kidding myself, maybe the hard work means nothing in the scheme of things and I would be better off going to work somewhere else and let someone else do the worrying…

Dunno…. I just dunno….

I try to remain optimistic…. but again…. truth… I am worried and I am scared….

Discovering Discovery-Day 114-Sept 22,2021

Bit of news, I am ALMOST ready to order my drone. I have enough right now to get it, but I don’t want to drain what I have either. So, a couple more small NFT sales, a few calendars, art cards or prints and boom, hopefully before the end of next week!

Very excited to be adding this option to my tool kit, opens up a HUGE opportunity for paying gigs, ie: real estaste, survey etc and man, the fine art options…. just shaking with anticipation.

Here’s the one I have decided on…

DJI Mavic Air 2 review | Digital Camera World

Also have my course line up, its a 40 hour online program that, when complete, will allow be to operate legally here in Newfoundland and if I’m not mistaken, across canada!

Pretty stoked…

Its nice when you can reinvest money you made doing what you love to allow you to do more of what you love…


Discovering Discovery – The Collection to Date – Day 112

I thought it might be fun, and benificial, to share the 8 photos currently curated for my Discovering Discovery Collection

Some news, I am looking to secure a physical space to show this work once the NFT collection launches, it would be nice to see the work printed and mounted in a more traditional sense as well as the new art digital formats.

I love that NFT’s exist, and that it has opened a new avenue to show, sell and promote my work.

That being said, I LOVE seeing work framed and hung, there’s an intimacy to the work on the wall that is lost on a screen.

Ok, the work so far.

First, here is a collage of the 8 pieces…

And the individual works..

Into the Grey
The Sentinel
Dragon in the Mist
The Stack
The Passage

Very happy with this so far.

To answer another question. Approx one month after the NFT collection launches, OR, when it sells out, whichever happens first, this collection WILL be made available in the print shop!

Till tomorrow folks!