Short post.

I’ve been sharing the photos that are to be part of the Yellow – Visitations 1 collection and one question has come up again and again.

Can I purchase these?

The short answer is YES! You sure can…

The complicated answer is YES! BUT… not yet lol…

Here’s the thing. I want to have an entire, solid, cohesive collection of about 30 photos that are united by theme, but tell their own stories.

I am HOPING to collect these photos in an exhibition, an NFT collection and, lastly, some sort of book. Though the book may wait. This is Visitations 1 Afterall there could be a 2, 3, or even 4…

Foreshadowing lol…

At any rate, I’m not going to make any of these available for purchase until the whole is ready to go.

Expect 6-8 weeks.

In other news.

I have a calendar I am currently taking pre-orders on. It has been going REMARKABLY well, like, beyond all expectations well.

I set a goal of $3000, which is around what I spent on calendars last year though two orders. I set $3000 because I figured if I could pay for the calendars I sold LAST year and have that stock up front I could be better prepared to attend markets and HOPEFULLY sell more.

This IS my income right now, heck, its the families only income right now until Dee get’s her EI claim straightened away. Being better positions is everything,

Well, I am excited to say that as of this blog the Kickstarter is at $4650


What does that mean?

Well, it means I can be in an amazing place with inventory. I will have more calendars up front than all of last year, I am also investing in my line of greeting cards, buying a greeting card display rack so I am more professionally displayed at the markets..

I am investing in stock of 8×12 and 5×7 prints for both my Etsy and the markets. I am prepaying registration for a half dozen markets this coming summer. I am purchasing , up front, ALL the packaging and envelopes I will need to ship my stock this summer.


I am setting the table for what should be a busy summer, the first in a while where, right or wrong, our borders are open and we are inviting folks, particularly from here in Newfoundland, to come home.


While there seems to be ample funding for some ventures, it looks like little ambassadors for this province are going to have a harder time accessing any of it, at least, from what I have seen. If anyone knows any different, please, let me know.

That being said, I have a HUGE sense of pride and accomplishment having raised almost $5000 through my own passion and hard work, teaming up with the kindness and generosity of all you very real folks out there. I am going to have the BEST selection possible to be a success this summer and it’s all from my own hard work and vision. I know pride can be dangerous, but in this case, I am going to bask a little in it, for the next little bit at any rate.

Thank you. Everyone, who pre-purchased a calendar, you may have saved our family this summer, you’ve certainly made it a little more realistic to succeed. You are all appreciated.

If you are interested in purchasing the calendar, you still can, the pre-order with all the goodies, free shipping, signed calendar, signed print and more, that ends at noon on April 4th, but after then, it’ll be in my Etsy if you are reading this a little later.

Thanks folks, thanks for helping give this old fella a little boost.



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