This project will require travel.

It’s about introducing the object to as many location as I can and exploring how it interacts, contributes, detracts or other wise influences the environment it placed in.

The original plan was to outfit my 2012 Subaru was a sleeping foam, pack up the ol’ camping gear and pick a destination. However, my Subaru is ailing right now and MAY have suffered a end of life breakdown. Yet to be determined, but needless to say, if it CAN be fixed, it won’t be a cheap fix.

Our other car. A 2016 Elantra, hasn’t moved since December when a rodent invaded it, left feces and urine all over the place, chewed the stuffing from the rear seat, chewed up the rear seat belts and heaven only knows what other damage. We are waiting for parts, for FOUR months now we have been waiting for parts.

The insurance just gave us a rental for a month, so hopefully one way or the other the car will be fixed. OR, the Subaru recovers.

It’s a shame really. The wife and I had just completed a glorious adventure and were in the midst of making plans for the next trip when the Subaru acted up, quickly squashing them.

I may pull out our old 2 man dome tent and see if that will suffice. I surely can’t afford am AirBnB or cabin every trip but I need to get out there. You see the quandary. I am hopeful that print, calendar and NFT sales continue and it will allow me some measure of stress relief from the financial side. I sure hope so, because the art, man, the ART is amazing, as is this place I call home.

Here’s a few photos from our trip along a small portion of Burin Peninsula earlier this week. Many more trips await, just need to figure out the logistics and such! Can’t wait to share more with you all.

Burin Peninsula – Bay L’Argent – Harbour Mile

and just a funny little shot of myself taking advantage of the chair…lol…

The nice thing, well, one of the nice things, there’s a lot of them really, of having Darlene join me is the candid shots lol….

That’s it for today..

Oh, one thing, I’ve added two more to the complete collection, binging the count to 4 now. You can view in the gallery!



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