The Change

So its official now…

I’ve decided to change the title of this project 100%

It’s stilled prefaced by yellow, BUT, its now Yellow – Visitations 1

Visitations 1 you say? What does THAT mean?

Could mean something, could mean nothing, could be me hedging my bets.

Time will tell.

Couple of housekeeping things.

One, my shop links and NFT links are above, as well as a link to my coffee site. I am trying, really really hard, to make a living creating this work. I am almost there… well… I thought I was at any rate.

I spoke about my wife’s health issues a little in the previous blog. They are still there and we are still awaiting her EI claim to kick in. She was on sick EI, we had hoped the transition to a regular claim once it was established she couldn’t return to the work she was doing, would be instant. We shouldn’t be surprised, BUT there a 4-6 week waiting period.

Pair that with my trusted Subaru outback being down for the count, and likely beyond the scope of repair that I can afford to pursue, we are on hard times just now.

So, if you could look at my offerings, that would be wickedly appreciated. I just added 10 new 8×12 prints to my Etsy shop as well, here those are…

These prints were going to be exclusively available in person at various markets this summer, but I felt I should offer them up to the general public as well.

I guess the bottom line is, we sure could use a hand right now. I know we have asked this before and by god you folks out there have stepped up so well in the past. I feel horrible for asking again, but here we are.

If not, please, continue to enjoy the blogs and the photos! Those are free to enjoy and always will be!



Today I visited beautiful Melrose on the Bonavista Peninsula.

It was a snow squally kind of day and there are a chain of small rock islands just off the coast there that are amazing. I felt it would be a wonderful spot to set up the yellow chair and take in a little visitation, a moment with the divine….

Such peace and solitude in the face of nature. I hope you enjoy these works. I have a feeling at least ONE of these will make it to the final collection of works.

The Squall

I do hope you are enjoying these works. It’s been a growth experience for me. I find myself spending as much time sitting the chair absorbing where I am as I do capturing it with a lens. I firmly believe the best work comes when we are exploring and learning about ourselves.

I hope you stay for the journey.


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