Discovering Discovery-Day 116-Sept 24, 2021

I’m still terrified…

But the anxiety is down a little.

Its sink or swim time, I have about a month to two months grace before the situation goes critical and if it becomes critical, well, then I’ll do the right thing and get a job where-ever I can.

It might seem egotistical, and its not because I think I’m too good for retail or the food industry, I just feel like I am doing a disservice to the talents I was given. I have a vision and I love nothing more than sharing it with the world…


It needs to make sense to do so, mental health is one thing, but not being able to pay the bills will erode the mental health faster than almost anything else, and heck, if it was just me I would suffer a little, the craft is worth it, but I have family that depends on me.

Ah who knows, maybe I sell through my Discovering Discovery collection, get my ArtsNL grant, sell a load of prints, calendars etc and get my book deal and I’ll look back at this time and chuckle about how melodramatic I was.

Updated the Gallery located at Cabin 6 in Milton today. I had all canvases in there, but now have a selection of framed works in there. Hopeful these prove popular and I sell some of them.


Also got to hang out with this fella a bit, Darrin Reid, owner, operator and driving force behind Cabin 6 Stone Fired Pizza.


If ever you needed proof that hard work and believing in yourself pays off then look no further, a REAL success story and I couldn’t be prouder to know this gent…

Folks, that’s it for this evening…. keep your collective fingers crossed for my sanity and lets all pray for success, for us all, these coming months….

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