Discovering Discovery – Day 109 – Sept 17, 2021

Today I was pleased to take part in a consultation regarding a new tourism based community building endeavour in Glovertown, my old home town.

Its an exciting project that they are considering out there, I truly hope it comes to fruition, would be a HUGE benefit to not only that town but the entire region.

I also met a couple of Provincial government workers and was pleased to learn that they might be able to offer some direction regarding my photo tour business.

This has the potential to be game changing.

Between this and NFT sales, man, I am feeling pretty optimistic.

BUT it’s important to remember, BOTH of these items are birds in the bush, not in the hand…

Hopeful though…

So, I also selected the 6th photos for the Discovering Discovery collection.


Shot in Maberly, this photo really shows the power, and the beauty of the sea. The movement of the sea is such a shaper of our coasts and defines where we live. It was important to me that a photo of JUST the sea be included in this collection.

In addition, I joined the Eastern Edge Gallery today as a member.

Its nice to be affiliated but I also did it with an eye towards having a show there in the future.

Who knows, skies the limit!

I’ll close with this, the 6 images curated for the collection so far. I am really liking where this is going.

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