Discovering Discovery – Day 106 – Sept 14, 2021

BIG day today folks, BIG day…

Not because there were any large number of sales, there weren’t, though the Christmas Cards continue to be very popular..

BUT because I did a thing and get a Business membership for the Discovery Geopark

This wasn’t a reward, I didn’t do anything special to get it, I simply went to the site and signed up!

BUT it was a personal reward to ME…

I like feeling like I am a part of something BIG, something important and something that aligns closely to my own personal way of thinking, of moving through the world…

“the grassroots organization supports a collaborative and inclusive approach to encouraging responsible management and empowering communities on the Bonavista Peninsula.”

Discovery Geopark Website

This is ME in a sentence, in a phrase…

I am SO excited about the future, I am SO optimistic…. I hope I’m not setting myself up for a fall…lol.. I don’t think so however, I think its close… I think I’m close to getting there.

VERY excited about the way the Discovering Discovery collection is coming out as well.

OH, one thing, I want to be very clear on. The Geopark has NOTHING to do with the collection, this isn’t sponsored by, endorsed by or otherwise associated with the Geopark as an organization.

I am doing this on my own and they have expressed great pleasure in seeing the project come to fruition and are of course happy to hear that if successful there will be a donation made to the Geopark from the sales.

Lets hope it sells through folks..

Here’s the first three photos selected…

I wanted something moody, atmospheric and not the usual shots you see of the region..

I believe I am achieving it… these aren’t for everyone, I know that, but I hope the aesthetic is pleasing to some, like, 25 some’s lol… selling through this collection would be affirming, being able to help a non-profit would be rewarding, the success would be life altering for me and my family.

So excited to see what my lens finds next!

Hope you are as well!

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