Discovering Discovery – Day 105 – Sept 13, 2021

Folks, I apologize for the shorter blog posts as of late. I know its not as interesting these days as a reader. I can tell, viewership is way down and there not near the traffic as there once was.

That’s ok though, these blogs are primarily diaries for me, and since I moved my shop items MOSTLY to Etsy there’s less traffic coming through anyway.

BUT if you are here, and reading, I have some news!

I am 100% pysched for this drop and I really REALLY hope it sells through. As much for the Park as for me. It could end up being a sizable donation to the Park and that’s important to me. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know how badly I want to pay forward to kindness, support and generosity shown to me and mine over the past few years.

This is the opportunity.

I also applied for my ArtsNL grant today. I’m not confident. It’s pretty much the same application I made in the summer, I am hopeful that having the residency and subsequent shows under my belt that I will at least have a better chance than I did prior.

Keep your fingers crossed for me….

A couple of photos for you all from the files that I played with today…

God I cannot WAIT to explore more…. what a place…. what a dream….

Good night all!

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