Discovering Discovery – Day 104 – Sept 12, 2021

A change in plans this morning.

I was going to head to the sea arch at Little Catalina, but the trail, the last time I was there, was a wee bit wet and since we just had a hurricane I figured it would be best to switch to another venue.

The beautiful thing about doing this project is that all these locations are within one hour of home.

That’s a big deal for us right now. Since Dee had her seizure, as I spoke of before in these pages, she can’t drive and I don’t want to be too far away, so this is perfect.

I went to the Bonavista region, visited Spillars Cove and the Cape….

The Spillars Cove photo is one that will be going into the NFT collection when it drops on Oct 29, 2021

In addition to this photo I have decided to include on of my favorite Tickle Cove photos into the collection as well….

In addition today I worked a little on a roadmap, I am hoping to share that in this space this week, as well as on twitter.

I am very excited about this project, visiting these places and capturing unique takes on them, sharing them with the world, bring attention to this region and what it has to offer is rewarding on many levels.

Oh, the collection page will likely be up on OpenSea over the next day or so as well. The roadmap will lay out when pre-orders are being accepted on these photos.

Exciting times folks… talking and sharing with a ton of talented photographers from around the world. I am SOOOOOOOO out of my league with many of these folks, but am learning so much.

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