Home – Day 101 – Sept 9, 2021

My path is set, for the next 6-8 weeks at least.

I am going to shoot, edit and present a body of work based on the geological, historical and cultural sites of the recently created but very ancient Discovery Geo Park.

This body of work will be called Discovering Discovery.

It will HOPEFULLY result in a show, a series of prints available to sell and a major 25-30 image NFT collection.

I am VERY excited to get started on this, and happy to have a project, close to home, that I can work on while Dee waits out her license suspension due to her seizure.

What will the work look like?

Well, I’m hoping to use the photos I posted last night as a baseline from which to grow. The intent is that each of these works have a unifying style and treatment.

Here is one of those photos from last night, don’t want to bore you with posting all of them again lol..

I’ve offered these 3 photos up on my OpenSea page as precursor NFT’s as well if anyone is interested.

Old Bones Collection – OpenSea

Also, in other more seasonal news, my Christmas Cards are now available as well on my Etsy shop!


Can’t believe its only 3 months till Christmas!

Thats if for tonight folks!

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