DAY 100!!!!!!

100 Days in a ROW!!

I made a promise to myself to blog every single day.

As you may have noticed, I have a few things going on lol… yesterday was a bad one, today is a good one. BUT blogging helps, it helped yesterday, it’ll help tomorrow…

So, to celebrate my 100 I took a day off from pushing myself. I think I did one wee NFT post this morning, but that’s it. No pushing calendars, cards, prints, canvases and/or NFT’s

Today was about the work…. about the art…. and working on making it ALL work a lot better.

If I expect success on the NFT market, and if I expect to raise an eyebrow or two with my work, I need to push it.

I need to do what I always strive to do, take the everyday and make it extraordinary…

Here’s a couple of frequently photographed landmarks done, well, differently….

I hope this is what separates me from the pack and elevates my art…

Happy 100!

Hope you stick around for 100 more….

All the best!

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