Home – Day 98 – Sept 6, 2012

Beautiful day today folks!

Spent the afternoon in Tickle Cove and managed to shoot one of those rare photos that I loved as soon as I opened it. That’s rarely happens, but in this case, it did.

Its minimal, it’s simple… it tells a story of mystery, of what lays beneath.

The editing has something else that I am very much enjoying lately as well, the blue hue. I am really grooving on these cool landscape shots. It’s funny, my exterior shoots are really going to the blue end of the spectrum, the interior stuff is trending to the warm.

I sense a series coming here…

In other news…

I have minted one of my most popular photos…. Under the Stars is now on Foundation, its also my FIRST minting on Foundation….


You can find it here….

I’m optimistic that the folks collecting NFT’s find it as appealing as everyone who wanted to own a print of it last year!

I am also adding this shot to my print shop…

I did have this offered as an NFT as well but I put a time limit on it, didn’t sell digitally, lets try it in print. The print shop has been doing VERY well recently, thanks so much for all who have purchased!

Thats all for this evening.

Oh, tomorrow I am updating my CV here on the site as well in advance of my ArtsNL grant application.

Till tomorrow!

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