Home-Day 97-Sept 5, 2021

Almost 100 days of blogging every single day…


Never thought I would be able to keep doing it. Sometimes I don’t know why I do it, why it’s so important. It helps me, it helps me work through some things, sometimes they are art things, something they are life things…

I’m going to keep it going, I am hoping to hit 365 days in a row… just to prove I can do it….

I was on CBC radio this morning, Weekend Arts Magazine. I missed it of course but most reports are that it was a good interview. No podcast of anything yet, once its up, IF its up I’ll share it to my media page.

I like having these interviews, it seems to me that it shows that my work is of a quality high enough, or interesting enough, that folks want to talk about it. That’s good, that’s in the right direction.

Hopefully they work to get more folks interested in what I am doing. I know it worked to get another local artist interested in the NFT market. That wicked good news, its rewarding to know that what I am doing might inspire someone to give it a try.

Speaking of NFT’s, I wish I could figure out a way to get more traffic to see mine.

I am doing this experimental NFT where I made one available for the weekend only, shared it a bunch of times on Twitter, got decent feedback on that platform itself but it didn’t translate into a sale, of even much traffic to the NFT itself.

Just two views, despite seeing seen HUNDREDS of times on Twitter.

If anyone reading this is in the Photo NFT market of have had success with selling their work, I would love to hear any advice you might have on promotion of the work, getting in front of eye-balls!

That’s it for tonight folks, thanks for keeping tuning in, I appreciate you all!

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