Home – Day 89 – August 28, 2021

So the big HUGE news today is that I sold a NFT!!



I’m rich now right? Because these things are selling for millions of dollars!

Whoohoo… I can hardly wait to see what I am going to buy first? New camera gear? A car? OH, a studio!!


None of the above…

Here’s the truth about NFT’s.

It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme. Its NOT about scamming someone out of money for nothing. ( I had to say that because after I happily announced success in selling my first NFT I promptly got a bunch of congrats…but…. messages, look, I get that its a little mid boggling to understand and there’s a lot about the economy of it I don’t understand yet, but I’m learning)

Here’s a link to a longer post I made on Facebook trying to explain how to think of NFT’s… nest part of the whole thing though is my 80 year old Dad being happy and supportive of the whole thing lol…


I am AMAZINGLY stoked. I did indeed sell The Collected, which is the mosaic piece based on the Stained Glass photo. I did ok on it, about what I would have done if I had sold a larger print of the image. The neat thing about NFT’s is that it treats art as commodity. When the buyer purchased the digital copy of the The Collected, he became an owner. If he resells his copy, I get a royalty. IF he does so at a time when my stock is up, or the overall value of NFT’s are up, then he makes money, and I make more as well. Its true ownership of an image for the artist and that’s amazing.

I’ll give another example.

IF I sold that print as a canvas, sure, I could print another one, BUT, the one I sold is no longer mine. If a person resells the canvas for twice what they paid for it, I get nothing. If the same thing happens with an NFT, I get something.

I’m VERY very excited. I’ve been talking about needing a life changing turn of fortune for two years, the Residency was a huge step, this is the next. If the NFT market, paired with my physical market, continues to be a success I might make it after all. Heck, I might even thrive.

Truth is, we sure could use it working. Darlene is suffering from a very bad headache, has been since she worked a half-day on Friday. IF, god forbid, IF she can’t work for a while we are in very real financial stress, scary stress. IF the NFT’s work, and everything else continues to grow, we will be ok. And that would be simply amazing.

I just loaded up a new mosaic NFT to replace the one I just sold. I will be loading a new mosaic as each one sells moving forward. I love the format, it works very well…

If you are interested in this NFT then you can check it out here…

Sunset Anchored

In other news, our senior kitty is doing a little better today. She’s eating and drinking and not meowing as much as yesterday. She is still having issues with peeing in the litter box though. She peed on clothes several times today and missed the litter box earlier. We are still visiting the vet next week, but are a little more hopeful now.

Might be wishful thinking…

We’ll see…

Off to Placentia tomorrow for Christmas dinner in August!

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or buying a coffee I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

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