State of the Union -Day 83 – August 22, 2021

As promised, for days and days and days…

A longer post!

I thought I would throw a longer one out there to cover off some of the questions I have been asked in the past week and answer a few that folks might have, so, a little different, going to ask the questions, then answer it lol… here we go.

How is Darlene?

Darlene is doing ok. Still adjusting from the meds and from the very fact this happened to her in the first place. I can speak from a place of being there, but when you have something unexpected medically happen, particularly something severe, it can really mess with you mentally. You start feeling very paranoid, you worry and stress. So its been rough for her. Adjusting to the meds was and is rough as well. She’s been having some issues with screen time, it was making her dizzy and such. That’s a huge issue, because she is after all a graphic designer, so screen time is work time.

That’s getting better too though, so we are hopeful we are rounding a turn here soon.

She really enjoyed getting out to the market with me on Friday, I really enjoyed having her there.


Question Two: How was the market?

Market was good. I did pretty well with it. There wasn’t as much traffic as I would have liked but I did have great success with the people who came through the doors. I am going to be doing at least TWO more between now and Christmas. I don’t generally sell bigger, framed or canvas type work at these events, but the smaller art cards, the calendars, some of the photo’s on slate etc. They do quite well.

The big takeaway for me was my success rate when I could talk to the people who were shopping. If I spoke to them, I sold over 70% of the time. I think I sold to over 60% of the people who came through the door, which is a great percentage to grow on.

Just need to streamline and clean up my presentation of my wares a little.

Markets are great ways to get your name out there to a group of folks who may or may not stumble across your stuff online!

Question Three: How did you do with your NFT?

I did pretty good, but didn’t sell.

Had some great conversations with buyers, had a couple of bids, but sadly did not meet reserve, nor were any of the bids where I needed them to be in order to sell the piece I was offering.

This is a 1/1 photo, it will not be printed, not will it be offered anywhere else, as such it is a true one of a kind collectable that I am happy to sit on until the right price has been met. I just relisted it with a higher starting bid that should give a better indication of where I stand in the market.

Question Four: Hey, how about those photo tours?

The photo tours are 100% on board for summer 2022. I am hopeful that Covid-19 will be controlled, that folks will have their vaccines up to date and that we are opening our doors to the world. I am working on the business plan, trying to figure out funding for a newer rig, business expenses, advertising etc. BUT the only thing I will REALLY need is proper insurance and consultation with a lawyer about liability during tours.

I’ve come up with a better way to explain what the tours are as well.

The are, essentially, boat tours on land lol… we will travel the Bonavista Peninsula seeking out things like whales, puffins, heritage properties, geological features etc BUT it will be more personal, it will have a focus on photography and, for a longer tour, it will involve a meal at one of the stunning venues on offer in the region!

I love talking to folks, I love sharing the places I have been and I am excited to start this venture…

I just need to get through the winter!

Thats it for today folks, son number one wants out of the house for a bit so I am going to take him for a coffee….

Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Don’t forget, if you love the work, think about purchasing a piece or buying a coffee I have lots of klicks to cover this summer, and your support was never more appreciated.

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