Home-Day 70-August 9, 2021

Sorry about the shorter blogs just lately folks.

Been a kinda surreal week and I am just now starting to come to grips with the new reality.

My photography has become greatly curtailed due to the health circumstances in our family right now. I am the only source of transportation, and frankly, until we get some answers on what happened to Darlene I don’t really want to be far from her side.

I was supposed to be in St. Brendans today and not being there has me kinda down. Don’t get me wrong, its for 100% the right reason, but I am still pretty put out not being in that amazing place exploring the coves, stages, houses etc and sharing it with the world.

I don’t know if its middle aged crisis time or just a desire for this visual storytelling to be more than just a curiosity, but I’ve really been lusting for my own space, a gallery, a photo shop, a place to show, meet and greet folks from across the province, and eventually, from around the world.

It’s frustrating to have to battle and fight and scratch and claw and not get to where you want to be.

Look, I have zero illusions about this. Making a living doing what I do is damn hard, and there is a very small percentage of people who are photographers who actually do well with it from a financial standpoint. I’m a bit at a loss as to what I can be doing to promote myself and my work more. I guess webinars, or streams or something like that.

But truth be told, I think have a brick and mortar building where I can talk to folks about my work, why I shoot what I shoot, why its of interest to me, is the single most important and valuable thing I can do. I love talking to people about the work. And, as an interesting side note, almost every time I get to talk to someone where my work is present, I make a sale.

Still working on a business plan for the tour side… need help with the financials aspects of the plan, and maybe even the wording of the proposed business. While Land Locked Boat Tour in a SUV is essentially what I am going to be offering, it requires a little more spice lol…

I am also working on my grant proposal for the fall, which is due soon. Thats the ArtsNL one. Primarily I am looking for assistance in continuing the “Saltwater Cathedral” work I started in Twillingate with an eye towards an e-book, exhibition or maybe even an actual book in print.

For those of you who are new. “Saltwater Cathedral” is the term I use for the historic and dripping in the past spaces where our ancestors worked and existed. Old stages, sheds, shops, homes, churches, mostly located a stones throw from the sea, all imbued with a sense of spirit and of a sacred touch.

I’ll close this blog with a few examples, and a question for anyone in the know, a plea even. I could use some help with both the business plan and the grant. If you or anyone you know might be interested in giving what I put together a once over, I would be forever grateful.

Oh, before I get to the photos…

Early Bird Calendars shipped today, to places as close as just down to the road, to as far as New Zealand with all points in between. I cannot explain what a thrill it is to have little pieces of Newfoundland, and the places I captured, spreading across the globe… very proud… very grateful…

And now the photos….

Thanks folks…

Remember, now more than ever, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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