Home-Day 66-August 5, 2021

Right off the top…

Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife, my biggest supporter, my best friend, can’t imagine being any happier with any person… she completes me…. 100%

One of our very first dates….

No photo description available.

And more recently…

May be an image of 2 people, hair, beard and outerwear

Getting better looking every day!

So, in other news…

I hung some work in Eastport at the Beaches Arts and Heritage Centre today…

If you are in the Eastport area in August why not drop by for a look, maybe purchase a piece! Tons of good work from talented local artists and artisans on display there as well!

May be an image of indoor
May be art
No photo description available.

Very short blog tonight folks, still trying to recapture some lost sleep 😦

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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