Home-Day 62- August 1, 2021

August already!

Can you BELIEVE it?

Time never slows my friends, it never slows..

Well, unless you are getting a dental procedure completed and then it goes in reverse lol

So, I’ve been busy framing some photos for the upcoming Eastport exhibition. Its NOT a show in the truest sense. I will have a body of work hung there for the remainder of August, this work will also be for sale while there should anyone be interested.

I’ve set up a little work space for myself in the basement of our house, bought a 6 foot folding vinyl table to frame on, do packages, sign limited editions etc. It’s nice to have a little space of my own carved out to work from. If this journey ever gets to the point where I am actually making money I want to convert part of my basement to a little photo studio/home office/packing area lol…

Ideally I would have a small space somewhere, in a vintage or historic home, shed, stage, whatever, where I could display my work, hold workshops, operate a tour from etc.

I keep saying one of these days but at 50, 51 on August the 25th, its got to be one of these days SOON!

I’m not getting any younger.


As I was saying, I created this little work area in the basement, the area of the basement I put it in was in an area we had intended for the kids to use. It was only when I posted a photo on Twitter of the work I was framing that a realized anyone could figure out it was a kids area pretty quickly…


The reflection of Squidward in the frame is HILARIOUS… only the very best Sponge Bob curtains for our kids let me tell you!

The framing is going well, I have all the small and medium size frames done, only the large 24×36 ones are left to go…. they take a little fiddling. Can’t wait to see them all up though, should be amazing!

FYI for anyone who missed it, my shop site has now been updated with my personal favorite Twillingate work. I’m very pleased with this body of work, I hope that it finds its way into some homes around the globe. Twillingate is a special place that deserves to be shared far and wide…

My two FAVORITE Twillingate shots?

Here’s on interior shot that’s my personal favorite….

And my favorite exterior shot….

Such a magical place….

Certainly, this whole province of mine is a treasure trove of new and interesting things to discover…

I’m going to enjoy discovering them and sharing them all with you!

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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