Twillingate-Day 52-July 22, 2021

52 days…

Wow… time flies…

Whats amazing is that I have actually blogged 52 days in a row as well. Granted, some of them were of the shorter variety, but I am proud that I am maintaining this post a day pace.

It helps, its an off-load at the end of the day, it’s a chance to share what I have discovered, to pass along any new information, to bounce ideas off the internet and see what folks think.

Thats what todays blog is going to be all about folks, sharing some news and talking about new ideas and directions. Warning, most of this will be talking about ways I can promote my work AND make some money from it. Folks tend to get twitchy when artists start talking about wanted to make money from their work for some reason. If you are a twitchy one, I’m not sorry, just be fore-warned, this is about what I am doing to try and be successful at every aspect of my craft, including making a living from it.

Ok, first things first…

On my Print/Canvas shop hosted by the fine folks over at Newfoundland Canvas I have created a “TWILLINGATE” tab. Clicking this will bring to the collection of Twillingate and area work I feel best represent my time here. IF you go there and a photo you have seen me post and would love to have ISN”T in the collection, please let me know, I will add it right away.

This shop is my main point of sales for larger items. The work from the Print/Canvas Shop is produced at the highest quality, be it a framed print, acrylic or a canvas, you can be assured the product that you will receive is second to none. Shipping is free in Canada BTW!!

Second I wanted to remind folks that the Calendar, although delayed due to having a correction required, should still be on the ground here in Newfoundland in a week or so. Once it arrives I will be shipping the early bird’s out and will begin promoting them a little more. You can still 100% pre-oder now though using the link at the top of the page.

There will be copies for sale at the Coaker Foundation Giftshop in Port Union for sure, and I am hoping to have them at other locations as well as we ease into the fall.

In addition, I will be in Glovertown late August selling my work at the Diamond House Art Center so if you are in the area you can 100% get them when I am there as well.

This is a wonderful Calendar folks, curated by you guys and I am very proud of the product. My smart, talented wife Darlene turned her designers eye to the calendar and it shows. You will be happy with it as well I am sure!

As of TODAY I have launched an Etsy shop, I’ll be adding the calendar to that as well once they arrive. The whole purpose of the Etsy shop was to have a vehicle to sell smaller items that I produce myself locally. Right now that’s limited to Art Cards, but I anticipate Greeting Cards and other items there as well as I grow the platform.

Currently there are two different types of Art Cards over there. One is my Limited Edition Stained Glass print. There were 250 of those printed, once they are gone, they are gone and you will ONLY be able to purchase Stained Glass thought the Art Funnel site in larger sizes.

The other type is a collection of my 10 favorite photos of the last year or so. These are NOT limited editions so will always be available.

All my Art Cards are shipped with my signature, the limited editions are also shipped with a number.

I’m hopeful that I will have some success with the Etsy Shop, I’m already thrilled, sold a Art Card to be shipped to Australia today, how cool is THAT!?

Now I think thats about it for the marketing lol.. OH…. I may also look at setting up at the Farm and Market in Clarenville for a Saturday this fall as well… still deciding. We didn’t have much luck with markets last year but I think that we weren’t selling the right thing…. we’ll see….

So hey! Guess what?

There are a few shows going on!

My end of Residency Show officially opens to the public on Saturday at the Blue Barrell, located at the Hodge Premises in Twillingate. It will run until August 1, so if you are in the area, drop by, pick up a coffee and a delicious treat and have a look at the collection. You can also pop me a line, I am here till Thursday or Friday, if you would like to have a chat about the work, I’ll come there and meet with you.

The folks at UnScripted have done a stellar job of promoting the show and have been all around awesome since I have been here. I look forward to seeing it hung and up!

I will also have a collection of work showing at the Beaches Art and Heritage Center in Eastport starting the first week of August. The Eastport collection will feature works collected over the past year and will have photos from across the region.

Lastly, I will be on location in Glovertown towards the end of August selling my calendars, Art Cards, some other photo offerings and more at the Diamond House Centre. I will also be having an exhibition of work at the Diamond House this coming fall.

Busy times, I want to thank you all for you constant support as I continue to travel and capture this amazing province of ours.

Thanks guys, would love to meet some of you in my travels!

Thanks for the support and encouragement, its amazing to see!

All the very best!

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