Twillingate-Day 49-July 19, 2021

So folks, you may have figured this out about me already.

I care about Newfoundland history and heritage. I care about the stories from the past, I think that it is urgent that we preserve as much of the way we were before it’s gone forever.

That’s not to say we can’t live in the now, it’s important to evolve, adapt and change with the passage of time. However, we MUST keep a record of the past so that our children know it wasn’t always all about X-Boxes and Skateboards. I think if for no other reason than a show of respect to those that came before, we should do our very best to keep a record of what was.

There are some folks doing amazing work all over the island, telling the takes, preserving the past and educating. I’ve met many over my time travelling the province and documenting our history through a lens. I met one gent here in Twillingate with I first arrived, a Mr. Rod Anstey, that has done stunning work in this shop, like a step back in time, with the sights and the smells… Museum quality items displayed smartly, he has done work he can be proud of.

Today, I met another such man but on a scale that I never thought I would ever see.

Capt. Dave Boyd operates tailored boar tours just the Twillingate side of the causeway. He and his wife also operate a Heritage Centre and Gift Shop on the site. You can find it by clicking here….

Sadly, I didn’t get an opportunity to join in a boat tour, though its on my to-do list for when I am next in the area. I did however listen in as Capt. Dave spoke to the group he was taking out. The man spoke with pride in what he does, and a love of the sea, the culture and the history. He was detailed, he was engaged and I can promise you that the folks on that tour were all smiling very wide grins before they even pushed off from the dock.

I know they had a good time.

I was left to explore the heritage museum and I am hear to tell you that the passion Capt. Dave has for the boats tours is magnified in this collection. I have in my travels never seen such a diverse and varied collection of items from Newfoundlands past. Fishing gear, text books, tools, cameras, motors, guns, old ledgers, licences plates, bottles, boxes… all expertly and lovingly laid out. In many cases with a hand crafted sign explaining what the objects were. In many cases there were monitors set up with informative videos on deck to talk about what each shop and shed contained.

I don’t know if I stopped smiling the whole time I was there. I could have spent hours in each outbuilding, and there are many. Just flipping through the old books, taking photos of these relics of our past.

I sadly couldn’t, it was WAY too hot and in the sheds the temp was high..

BUT… I did get some good photos… here’s a collection of some documentary style photos and I’ll share a couple of fine art edits at the end..

Oh, did I mention he has not one but TWO whale skeletons?

Oh… did I mention the whales???

And finally… here are a couple of Fine Art Edits…

Guys beautiful spot, unique and a labour of love. If you are in the region 100% drop by and plan to spend a bit of time wandering the sheds and stepping back in time, a real pleasure…

That’s it for today folks… We are down into single digits left for my time here in Twillingate… sad to go… can’t wait to see what the next adventure is…

All the very best…

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Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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