Twillingate-Day 48-July 18, 2021

Its hot man…

It’s REALLY hot…

I was going to attempt a 5k hike in Little Harbour that brings you to an arch and the remnants of a re-settled community, but this out of shape overweight carcass needs every advantage it can get to do 5k, and 30 degree heat is not one of them lol

Instead I took a quick drive to Horwood for a peak around.

The sun was very bright and I generally avoid shooting outside in harsh light conditions but sometimes it works out ok for black and white shots… here’s a edit slider of a photo I took today…

I am really enjoying these slider photos… I believe its a useful tool to see what you can do with photos in a editing package.

I was asked if I used presets. Presets are setting created by the user to create an effect. You can literally find 1000’s of them online that will do everything from automatically adjusting your levels, to creating HDR photos, to making black and white with a click of a button.

I have used presets in the past and have a good collection loaded into my Lightroom, though its weeded down a lot now. I have almost as many Old Bones Presets. These are setting I have created myself over time to achieve that “old bones look”

Other user presets are a wonderful tool though. I learned a lot about what sliders will do what just be seeing where they were set by other users to create and effect. If it weren’t for other user presets my own learning curve would have been HUGE! lol

A word about the show.

The opening is Friday, “official” opening is at 6pm. However, its in a small space and we are still restricted on numbers so we are pretty full for that specific time. However, I am going to attempt to be down there a couple of time before I leave and I will post this times here when I know what they will be.

Its a coffee house, its not a torture to be there lol…

Here’s one more for you from today…

Thats about it for this evening folks!

Thanks for your patience with my earlier post, was feeling the crush of tomorrow but feeling better about it now!

Don’t forget, Stained Glass is still available!

I will be making a Twillingate section in my shop soon as well!

Have a wonderful evening!

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