Twillingate-Day 46-July 16, 2021

Guys, late blog, and may be a short one.

FINALLY have all my 20×30 prints framed. 24×36 frames are HUGE but I have to admit, they look simply amazing.

I am so excited to have them up and on display for all to enjoy, soooooo excited

It was a ton of work to get them framed and not make a mess of it. I am a very good photographer, BUT I am NOT blessed with finesse or great coordination. My beautiful wife Darlene is who would NORMALLY handle doing framing and other fine work. She has the experience and has an amazing eye for detail and precision ( though where that eye was when she saw me across the bar 18-19 years ago is beyond me lol)

That being said, I think I did an ok job!

So, tonight I went in search of a sunset. They have been meh lately, grey, not exciting lol….

Boy am I glad I did…

I’ll have more in tomorrows blog, but I’ll leave you with this, one of my top 3 shots of my stay here in Twillingate…

Crow Head Root Cellar at Sunset…

That’s it folks…

Have a great night, we’ll chat tomorrow!

All the very best to you all!

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