Twillingate-Day 45-July 15th, 2021

It’s winding down now folks…

Show is a week away, and I am back home shortly there-after…

What an AMAZING experience though, so enriching and rewarding.

In my time here I saw my work evolve and take on some different themes. I started using light in more creative ways and REALLY started to pay attention to the coolness or warmth of a photo.

It’s been truly a life changing experience that I hope will prove to be a launch pad into a whole new world for me. I am hopeful that this successful residency and the work that comes out of it will bring some measure of stability and success to my career as a full time artist.

I did get out today as I indicated in last nights blog. Explores Herring Neck and Hillgrade a little more. I didn’t get a whole lot of photos, but I did get a couple that I would like tom share…

Most of today was actually spent framing work for Fridays show… I have to say, I went as affordable as possible with these photos and frames but they look very good. I cannot WAIT to see them up on the walls of the Hodge building, very exciting!


Thats it folks for this evening, this fella is going to be in the bunk early this evening!

All the best, and thanks to everyone for all the support along the way, means a lot!

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